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Three trees: products, brands and culture are the lifeblood of enterprise development

three trees: products, brands and culture are the lifeblood of enterprise development

January 26, 2010

[China paint information] open the station of three trees paint Co., Ltd., it is not difficult to find that this is a local paint enterprise that pays attention to product research and development, emphasizes brand effect and pays attention to corporate culture. In the face of the huge impact of the global financial crisis, the massive attack of international coating enterprises, and the increasing operating costs of raw materials, China's local coating enterprises have not retreated, and have become braver and braver in the difficulties, gradually growing into shining stars in the coating industry, of which three trees coating is one of them

on December 2, SouFun interviewed Wang Tongxiao, head of the marketing department of sankeshu coating Co., Ltd., and asked him to explain to us the development story of a local coating enterprise how to rise suddenly and occupy a place in the Chinese coating market

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Wang Tongxiao, director of the marketing department of sankeshu coating Co., Ltd.

products, brands and culture are the lifeblood of enterprise survival and development.

Minister Wang laughed and said, "if the current achievements of sankeshu coating can be counted as achievements, this success is mainly due to our unremitting product research and development, brand promotion and cultural construction." Minister Wang believes that Chinese coating enterprises have many products, but few can do well in research and development, which makes enterprises lose competitiveness. Doing a good job in products is the premise of doing a good job in enterprises, and the premise of doing a good job in products is to have a mature and willing R & D team

brand promotion is also an indispensable part of enterprises. Since sankeshu paint entered the paint industry in 2002, it has been very important that only suitable accessories can measure accurate values, and pay attention to the brand construction of enterprises. Sankeshu paint has positioned its brand appeal as "health". In the past six years, sankeshu paint has not only been making unremitting efforts to promote this slogan, but also made great efforts to bring a healthy home environment to consumers from a high concentration of import sources, which has been highly praised by customers

"when it comes to the core competitiveness of sankeshu paint, it must be culture". Mr. Wang said proudly that the corporate culture of sankeshu paint is "made, not spoken", which is the essence of enterprise survival and development. This is also the main reason why sankeshu paint is different from other enterprises. According to minister Wang, the annual investment of sankeshu paint in culture is about 8million. Many enterprise culture construction in China is still in the primary stage of "system culture, material culture and spiritual culture". In order to make enterprises bigger and stronger, we must do a good job in the all-round construction of enterprise culture

seek unlimited business opportunities from the "differentiation" of the market

although the imitation phenomenon in the coating industry is serious, sankeshu coating still finds unlimited business opportunities from the market segments. Minister Wang believes that the differentiation of sankeshu products is also the most advantageous place for sankeshu paint in the industry competition

many domestic coatings blindly follow the product positioning and publicity of international brands, and the result is that they can only "follow behind others". Even the ideas with business opportunities are preempted by the enterprises that first put them into action, so naturally they cannot get their own effective market share. In this case, sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. resolutely took its own road of "market segmentation" and achieved good market results

in the product list of sankeshu paint, you will find "wedding paint", "children's paint" and other product series specifically aimed at the needs of special people, and add corresponding unique functions to the corresponding products to meet the needs of different people for paint products. This business philosophy has won a lot of popularity for sankeshu, and the market effect is obvious

contrarian development seeks opportunities under the crisis

when talking about the impact of this year's unique economic situation on the coating industry, Minister Wang also expressed his affirmation that the whole industry is in a downturn, but Minister Wang believes that there are also opportunities behind the crisis. For enterprises seeking breakthroughs, contrarian expansion and continuous development will become the best time for enterprises to suddenly rise

Minister Wang believed that China's paint market was large, and calculated such an account: at the end of 2007, China's paint output was 6million tons, achieving an output value of more than 150 billion, while the enterprises that accounted for the first sales brand in China were only more than 3 billion. It can be seen that the market share of brand enterprises still has a lot of room for development. Simple and convenient operation

facing this market situation, sankeshu coating chose to expand against the trend and seek development opportunities in the face of adversity. Minister Wang analyzed that the rigid demand capacity in China's secondary, tertiary and tertiary markets is very large, which is also a new battlefield for local coating enterprises. Sankeshu paint is an enterprise that has experienced difficulties in starting a business. Minister Wang said optimistically that sankeshu paint is already an "immune" enterprise. However, immunization is only the basis for survival. If enterprises want to develop, they must go against the trend

optimistic about the huge power of the network marketing market

Minister Wang said that the changes of the network media publicity of sankeshu paint can be seen at a glance from the following group of data: only Baidu, Google and other network search engines were invested in; In 2008, the investment increased by more than 100%, and professional network media in the industry were introduced successively; It is estimated that by 2009, sankeshu paint will continue to invest times more in advertising

through the full cooperation with search engines and various professional media stations, sankeshu paint has seen the powerful power of this emerging media. With the gradual enhancement of network credibility, sankeshu paint will invest more energy in developing network marketing. However, when talking about the role of Luo's crisis public relations, Minister Wang said that it is still necessary to "be right" first, and enterprises should start from their own product construction, rather than relying on Luo's public opinion guidance function from the aspect of crisis public relations. Only by making the enterprise stronger and the products better, can we have a healthier and stronger tomorrow

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