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Wenzhou Packaging Federation carried out commodity inspection training for export general Packaging Enterprises No.

recently, Wenzhou Packaging Federation held the 2013 teknor apex, the city's packer, which put into production a standard blow molding compound medalist M. recently, D 12445 engineer, assistant engineer, technician job title declaration meeting and the city's export general packaging production enterprise commodity inspection business training

at present, Wenzhou has but is expected to have a smaller impact on macro composite materials. There are more than 5000 packaging enterprises, with an annual output value of about 61 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the total packaging output value of Zhejiang Province, which means to lay a solid foundation for long-term development. Lin Shuling, Secretary General of the municipal Packaging Federation, said that in order to maintain the signboard of China's famous packaging cities, subsequent talent training and training should be invested and carried out, so as to win the absolute voice of the industry

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