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The brand building of printing enterprises has reached a cognitive height

after the financial crisis sweeping the world, how will China's printing and packaging industry develop in 2010? The business philosophy of small and medium-sized enterprises will usher in a new round of discussion. Whether to continue the workshop mode of self survival or take the road of brand, I believe that most enterprises will not hesitate to choose the latter. Yes, brand has become the core of current enterprise competitiveness. If Chinese printing and packaging enterprises want to take the initiative in the era of brutal market competition and post financial crisis, they should implement brand management, arm themselves with scientific and technological innovation, and take the road of brand construction with their own characteristics. c. The impact of brand management on small and medium-sized printing and packaging enterprises

brand is a special sign made by enterprises to make their own goods different from those of other enterprises, and it is the most obvious external expression of enterprise image characteristics. Brand can not only best reflect the corporate culture and significant interests of the enterprise, but also maintain the interests of employees. Brand management can build an excellent team. Small and medium-sized printing machine enterprises are the main body of the printing industry. Their brand management can help employees establish correct ideological values, and thoroughly instill the marketing concept into the minds of enterprise employees. The main errors in the practical verification process of electric seed testing machine are the host part, load sensor, standard dynamometer partial load, verification direction, verification personnel and environmental impact; Establish innovative ideas and require employees to update their ideas at any time; Establish a long-term planning blueprint and establish enterprise development goals; Establish a detailed implementation plan and do a good job in the current work according to the planning requirements; Be a learning enterprise, constantly learn and absorb advanced management and technology, so that the enterprise can calmly face the competition

the humanistic significance of the brand plays a subtle role in the public's ideology, lifestyle, social concepts, cultural customs, etc. Good brand image makes mold enterprises occupy a favorable position in the complex and changeable market competition and establish a stable position in the minds of consumers. The brand management of printing and packaging enterprises can not only create intangible assets for themselves, bring direct and long-term economic benefits, but also create valuable spiritual and cultural wealth for the society, and have an important impact on the ideology and life concept of the public. The existence and popularity of brands continue to improve, promoting the rapid development of printing and packaging enterprises. Just like when we mention Wanjie and Yachang, we will think of digital printing

the development trend of domestic and international markets shows that the previous rough processing, simple labor-intensive industrial structure is no longer suitable for the competition in the information age. If printing and packaging products do not have popularity and high added value, there is little room for competition and development. In the emerging era of scientific and technological information, printing and packaging enterprises should establish their own brands and implement brand strategies, so that enterprises can obtain continuous impetus for development, obtain sufficient development space and seize more market share. Brand management is the only way for small and medium-sized printing and packaging enterprises to achieve leapfrog development

Second, the awareness of brand management has become a consensus

China's printing and packaging industry has achieved considerable development in recent years, while the pace of industrial structure adjustment and system reform is also accelerating, and private enterprises are developing rapidly; The joint-stock reform of state-owned enterprises has accelerated, effectively supporting, driving and promoting the rapid development of the national economy. At present, the brand management awareness of China's printing machine enterprises is gradually enhanced, and the potential for sustainable development is sufficient

printing machine enterprises have begun to pay attention to the establishment, cultivation and publicity of their own brands from the aspects of product quality, new product research and development, after-sales service and so on. Many printing machine manufacturing enterprises also rely on unremitting brand management strategy, and finally stand firm in the fierce market competition. For example, Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. started the upgrading and innovation of product technology and publicized its corporate image through various media. 2009 was a depressed year for many enterprises, but the sales volume of Shanghai Guanghua in Jilin region alone in 2009 was the sum of sales in recent 10 years, which is the positive effect brought by brand management

in recent years, with the attention paid by the domestic market to brand building, the brands of printing machine enterprises have also been constantly innovated and consolidated. However, there is still a certain gap between Chinese printing machine brands and foreign brands, which requires a period of market construction and improvement, and the market also needs a process of brand adaptation

it is understood that at present, the momentum of domestic brand building is very good, and everyone has realized the importance of brand building

the author believes that brand building is actually the construction of quality, that is, people have established and improved relevant standards for the products of enterprises in the actual use of electronic universal tensile machine. The so-called standards are the materials used, the processing technology used, and the technical requirements to be met. These technical elements have corresponding standards. Only with good product quality can enterprises have the capital to promote products and pay attention to marketing issues. At present, most printing machine enterprises can recognize this and have a certain understanding of it. There is an obvious eccentric solution between its head and counterbore. What needs to be done is how to further implement and improve the brand

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