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Vita will launch renewable insulating coiled materials

vita, a world-renowned non-woven fabric manufacturer, will launch its developed insulating coiled materials at green build 2010

it is understood that the filter material company of Shanxi Aluminum Plant was established. The raw material of enguard comes from recyclable PET plastic bottles. Its thermal insulation and acoustic insulation performance can completely replace the traditional thermal insulation products. The product does not contain volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and borate, and the data shows that volatile organic compounds and irritant glass fibers, and the process is large, and the manufacturing process also caters to people's demand for pollution-free chemicals

Jason Johnson, Vita's U.S. business director, said, "we hope to introduce advanced non-woven R & D technology to the U.S. building materials market. With sustainable development potential, enguard products can meet the consumer demand for safer, 5, more comfortable home decoration environment." It is reported that the 2010 American Green Building International Expo will be held in Chicago from November 11 to 19

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