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Visit the Silk Road "Chinese good driver" Lanzhou Kaixun

visit the Silk Road "Chinese good driver" Lanzhou Kaixun

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Guide: if you think Lanzhou Ramen is the most popular in Lanzhou, then you are wrong. In this summer, China's good drivers began to move westward after going north, setting off a everyone struggle in Lanzhou, an important town on the ancient Silk Road. This is the fourth joint laboratory established by Yinguang group and colleges and universities to be good drivers. From July 6 to 7, Lanzhou, a good driver in China, trained campfire

if you think Lanzhou Ramen is the hottest in Lanzhou, then you are wrong. In this summer, after "going north", China's good drivers began to "go west", setting off an upsurge of everyone striving to be a good driver in Lanzhou, an important town on the ancient Silk Road

from July 6 to 7, the Lanzhou training camp of "China's good driver" was hot, and more than 200 loader and excavator operators received professional skill training and practical examination here. Finally, five people from each group with outstanding skills will stand out. They will participate in the annual ultimate assessment. The champion with a sprint value of 120000 yuan can accurately evaluate the future mass production benefit award

"China's good driver" Lanzhou training camp officially opened on the Bank of the Yellow River

loader practical test

at the practical test site, tall and powerful loaders and excavators flexibly complete various earthwork operations under the control of drivers. The improvement of drivers' skills is reflected in the accuracy of excavation and leveling and the flexibility of stacking and loading. Many drivers said that their skills have been greatly improved through skill training and experience exchange. A young driver from the mine said, "during the training process, I saw the skilled skills of many old drivers, asked them for operating experience, and also had a deeper understanding of Shandong Lingong models. I hope I can have my own team through future efforts." "China's good driver" not only helps front-line practitioners in the construction machinery industry realize their career dreams (3) pour concrete with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit, but also provides the industry with technically reliable operation experts

theoretical training and written examination site

"good driver in China" provides students with a professional and fair examination environment

Shandong Lingong not only helps front-line practitioners realize their career dreams, but also helps local industrial development. Lanzhou is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. It is not only the provincial capital, but also an important industrial city and raw material industrial base in the western region. It has rich mineral resources and a large demand for construction machinery products. It is the key market of Shandong Lingong in the West. With the rise of the western economy, Shandong Lingong also continues to cultivate channels and vigorously promote products, so as to win good market performance and reputation in the local area with excellent quality, and the market share continues to rise. Holding the "China's good driver" urban training camp here can not only realize the purpose of toughening spherical nano calcium carbonate to benefit front-line employees, but also a strategic measure for Shandong Lingong to participate in the economic construction of the West and improve its brand reputation in the western market

Ms. Liu Yanjun, general manager of Gansu Lingong, presented awards to the promoted students. At the end of the exam, the students happily thumbed up their thumbs. At the activity site, the students enthusiastically signed up to join the "Guo Mingyi love Team Shandong Lingong team"

since May 24, Shandong Lingong "good driver in China" training camp activities have been successfully held in Jinan, Changchun, Tangshan Qian'an, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou and Lanzhou. From July to October, "China's good driver" will continue to realize his dream and enter Xi'an, Anshan, Guiyang, Kunming, Nanning, Changsha, Wuhan and Nanchang in turn. With the promotion of the activities, "China's good drivers" have created a "construction machinery driver style" across the country. The organizer will publicly display the examination results and highlights of the activities in various regions on the event officer. Welcome to log in and experience the unique style of good drivers in China

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