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Visit Jinshan security customer service team with an average age of 24

DoNews news on August 19 recently, Jinshan security won the best customer service center award in the 2009-2010 China's best customer service selection. Those who won this award together with Jinshan include China Mobile, Guangdong Development Bank, Lianxiang, perfect time and space, etc. To this end, I came to Jinshan software company in Shangdi to visit this "customer service department" with more than 100 square meters

Jinshan safety currently has nearly 100 customer service personnel, with an average age of 24 years and a male to female ratio of 1:1. At present, both are working in Beijing. Among them, 70% are undergraduate graduates, mostly from computer and other technology related fields

Ms. Li Xiaolin, director of Jinshan safety customer service department, said that 100 customer service staff were divided into five shifts every day, with an average of 40 people taking samples at the same time, and jointly providing customers with 7 * 24-hour round the clock service

Li Xiaolin believes that the biggest advantage of Jinshan customer service lies in its service efficiency and professional and efficient service ability

it is understood that one of the evaluation criteria for the selection of "China's best customer service" is the "response time" of customer service, which refers to the time from the user connecting customer service to reaching the bottom directory or manual seat. The response time of Jinshan safety is 25 seconds, which is about 5 seconds less than the average level in the industry; Another assessment standard is the access rate. The access rate of Jinshan security in 20 seconds is 75% - 80%, and the total access rate is more than 90%, higher than the average level of 85% - 90% in the industry

Li Xiaolin said that the response time and access rate reflect the efficiency of customer service. "This is the most basic threshold of customer service". Jinshan's achievements are the result of many "optimizations" - previously, Jinshan's customer service form was relatively simple, mainly customer service. Later, it first used IM service in the industry. At present, a customer service staff can receive multiple users at the same time; In addition, there were too many directory levels accessed before, which increased the waiting time and complexity of users, and it was easy to reduce the access rate. The management decided after many user surveys, and the utilization history of this plate was not long, so it was reduced to level 4 directory, which reduced the access time

at the same time, Kingsoft security has high conditions in recruiting customer service personnel: major in computer science, bachelor's degree, strong language expression and communication skills, strong ability to solve emergencies, etc. Some Kingsoft employees laughed and said that they were "not recruiting customer service, obviously recruiting product managers"

in terms of organizational structure, Kingsoft security divides "customer service personnel" into three levels: 1. Ordinary customer service personnel who receive users are responsible for answering user questions and recording the contents involved; 2. 15 expert seats to answer "difficult and miscellaneous diseases"; 3. The department account manager, one for Jinshan guard, one for Dun, and one for drug bully, is responsible for daily user feedback data and submitting it directly to Jinshan Zhuhai R & D center

Li Xiaolin also revealed that the company plans to open a customer service branch in Zhuhai in the second half of 2010, mainly serving non VIP users, and the increase in the number "is initially set at 20-30 people". Li Xiaolin believes that the increase in the number of customer service is mainly due to the increase in the number of product users. The new users have many problems in terms of use, payment and interconnection, so there is a need to increase seats. DoNews

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