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Visit Inspur smart factory: create a "new continent" of industrial interconnection

intelligent robots that constantly wave robots for fully automatic and accurate operation, intelligent sorting robots, visual identification inspection robots in patrol, and AGV cars shuttling back and forth are the most real scenes in Inspur smart factory. Recently, I walked into Langchao's smart factory in Jinan and experienced its frontline as a model of industrial interconnection practice

machine replacing human operation is a general trend. With the rise of intelligent manufacturing and the maturity of technology, Inspur intelligent factory, as a practical model of industrial interconnection, also integrates flexible production, intelligent technology and IOT technology based on the industrial interconnection platform. Up to now, it has integrated more than 600 RFID, more than 2000 sensors, 50 device controllers, 330 sets of intelligent devices and 6 core systems, realizing the intellectualization of the whole process from flexible production to service delivery, shortening the delivery cycle from 18 days to days and reducing personnel by 75%. Yu Liang, general manager of Inspur Group, told me

Yu Liang takes the intelligent locking robot as an example: they do not measure displacement at any moment: 130 screws are automatically locked every 8 minutes when the Japanese photoelectric encoder and the lead screw are stopped at the coaxial angle, and the same workload takes about 1 hour

not only that, in addition to the innovation of production process, various tooling equipment invented by front-line employees, such as Luo hope memory press tooling, Zhao Yongdong electrostatic eliminator, Yang Hongbo CD protective bowl, these small inventions in employees' practical work have also played a real role in improving efficiency and quality

because it is inefficient to assemble memory modules by hand, and it is easy to hurt hands, Luo hope thought of making this invention. In the past, workers used to press the memory module with their hands when assembling servers. The memory module is relatively sharp. A long press time will damage their hands, and it is easy to scratch, and the efficiency is not high. After the invention of the memory press tooling, the stress area increases, the workers' hands won't hurt, and the assembly efficiency is also greatly improved. It is very popular among the production line workers of Inspur. Luo hopes to tell

this year, we changed the manual pressing tooling into automatic pressing equipment, which has greatly improved both the quality and efficiency of pressing. After preliminary accounting, the efficiency has increased by 60% compared with the previous one. Luo hope said that according to incomplete statistics, the team has produced a total of 269 kinds of tooling in the past two years, including 13 types of automation equipment, including automatic hot plugging of hard disks, automatic batch testing of hard disks, automatic pressing of memory, etc. Some can completely replace manual operation, and some need to cooperate with manual operation. However, in either case, at least 30% capacity growth has been achieved

based on high intelligence, Inspur intelligent factory mainly produces customized server products. It can be seen on the large screen of the workshop that the completion progress of customer orders is displayed in real time and scrolling on the large screen. In less than half an hour after the axial force is applied, the production progress of an order is increased from 75% to 100%, entering the product testing process. Thanks to such remarkable results, Inspur smart factory was successfully selected into the 2017 National Smart manufacturing pilot demonstration, and was rated as a global smart manufacturing model by Gartner

Luo hope and the efforts of the team are the epitome of Inspur Group's adherence to the innovation and development strategy. These fully automated production scenes and efficient and accurate production processes are due to the industrial interconnection development mode of cloud, data and application integration formed by Inspur in recent years

in 2010, when the whole industry was confused about cloud services, Inspur took the lead in proposing cloud computing strategy 1.0, that is, a comprehensive transformation from traditional it to computing service providers such as cloud computing. Over the past decade, Inspur has also completed the strategic upgrade from 1.0 to 3.0. The core of the 3.0 strategy is to promote Inspur to become a new Internet enterprise of cloud + Digital + AI

wangbohua, CEO of Inspur Group, said that Inspur is accelerating its transformation from three levels: intelligent use, intelligent computing and Zhilian

in June this year, Inspur upgraded and released Yunzhou industrial interconnection platform 2.0. Relying on the advantages of cloud, Qid code, cloud ERP and intelligent manufacturing, it explored and formed an industrial interconnection development mode integrating cloud, data and application. Compared with other industrial interconnection platforms, Yunzhou industrial interconnection platform has two unique advantages: Qid (quality code) and cloud ERP

2020 is the first year of the application of full scene codes, and codes have also become the entrance to the physical world and the digital world. Zhangfan, vice president of Inspur Group and chairman of aicheng, said that Inspur Qid quality code is based on the identification analysis system, which can run through the whole chain of enterprise design, production, circulation, consumption and post service, and support intelligent production, networking collaboration, personalized customization and service extension

take Chongqing Tianren industrial group as an example to implement Qid quality code. The group is engaged in the manufacturing of auto parts with stamping and welding as the core process. Qid platform codes the key quality links of products for appreciating lanterns and guessing lantern riddles together with its children. From raw material steel plate - stamping forming - Coding - Welding - testing - Experiment - product appearance, we can clearly see the product design quality data, quality control data, factory data, storage data, and reveal the production process and circulation process behind one thing one code The quality data of all factors in the consumption process has reduced the unqualified rate by 50%, the waste of raw materials by 50% and the manufacturing cost by 30%

as an important part of industrial interconnection, cloud ERP and other important applications have gradually become the core of enterprise digital transformation

Wei Daisen, vice president of Inspur Group, told: Industrial interconnection accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises. Inspur cloud ERP, as a new generation of digital platform, is supporting the development of industrial interconnection

taking China railway industry as an example, Wei Daisen said that with the help of Inspur GS cloud, China railway industry has realized the transformation from serial production to networked collaborative manufacturing, with product delivery cycle shortened by 5%-10% and comprehensive cost reduced by 3%-5%; Realize the transformation from selling products to products + services, establish a remote diagnosis system and dynamic service mechanism, provide accurate monitoring services in confined space, and become a benchmark in the field of large-scale equipment manufacturing; Realize the transformation from an extensive factory to a digital transparent chemical factory, and understand the manufacturing status in the factory in real time through edge data acquisition

in the field of intelligent manufacturing, based on its strong cloud, digital and intelligent technology strength, it has a full stack of intelligent manufacturing solutions with ERP as the core to provide integrated network collaborative manufacturing, intelligent digital factory, efficient equipment operation and maintenance, large-scale personalized customization and other services for equipment manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and other enterprises. Wei Daisen said

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