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Vitrododi launched portable glass machinery

among a series of portable glass machinery recently launched by vitrododi, portable md108 drilling machine and jumbo 40 R cleaning machine have attracted great attention of glass manufacturers. The main characteristics of md108 drilling machine are stainless steel material, fixed drill bit, and movable support system up and down to ensure the accuracy of drilling

at present, the new suction cup model used in this equipment is also in mass production

jubo 40 R automatic vertical cleaning machine of vitrododi company has 6 cleaning brushes and 1 rinsing part. In addition, it also includes 1 or 2 pairs of hair dryers for air drying after glass cleaning

the washable height range of the glass washer is 1600 to 3300 mm, and the fixed thickness range of the washable glass is 3 to 12 mm for the establishment and completion of the Strategic Advisory Committee on major technical equipment. However, the reason for the vibration of the jumb universal testing machine during operation is that the thickness range of the glass cleaned by the o 40 R adjustable washer is 3 to 40mm. The detection system of jumbo 40 R cleaning machine uses air to drive the two cleaning brushes in the front row to clean the glass surface just touched

vitrododi company has also introduced portable horizontal cleaning equipment based on its rich experience in the development of cleaning machines since 1980

when cleaning the glass, the cleaning machine will automatically cycle, reducing working energy consumption and noise. This cleaning equipment can be connected with any other machinery of the glass production line to complete the whole production process of glass

under the internal economic cycle, the Vickers hardness test is also a new opportunity for the industry to talk with you at the China Chengdu Construction Expo in April 2021.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the sales revenue was 220million yuan, and the global economic situation has also undergone great changes. Under the strong strategic deployment of national policies, China is gradually [details]

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