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Visit wensong color printing, Julong packaging 2020 EMBA Seminar on paper packaging industry. Seventh stop travel summary

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the paper packaging industry has developed since the 1980s and 1990s, and is facing a transition period from extensive to refined. More intense market competition, higher product standards, and more complex business environment force paper packaging enterprises to strengthen learning and communication, and improve the level of operation and management, so as to calmly respond to high-quality development requirements and changes in industry demand

from the afternoon of November 19 to the morning of November 21, the students of the 2020 EMBA seminar in the paper packaging industry visited two local leading packaging enterprises - Fujian wensong Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Through factory visits, on-site exchanges and other means, they discussed the pain points of enterprise management, refined the operation level of the enterprise, and achieved a lot

visit Fujian wensong color printing workshop

2020 EMBA seminar in paper packaging industry was founded by Shanghai Yuanhe Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. This activity is the seventh stop of the study tour. Dozens of students from top domestic packaging and printing enterprises arrived in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Longkun media was invited to attend and experienced the subtleties of this study tour

On the afternoon of November 19, the students first came to Fujian wensong Color Printing Co., Ltd. The company is a leading packaging enterprise in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, integrating base paper trade, corrugated board, carton design, production and sales. Its Chairman Mr. guorongzong, general manager Mr. guojincao and deputy general manager Mr. guojinsong led a team to warmly welcome the trainees of the seminar and led them to the conference room

in the conference room, the wensong color printing management team shared the development path of the enterprise and had a brief exchange with the trainees of the seminar, hoping that the trainees would put forward suggestions from different perspectives. Mr. Shen Bingsheng, the head teacher of the seminar, pointed out in his speech that all students should take questions to find the highlights and shortcomings of wensong color printing, and apply the knowledge and experience they have learned in combination with the actual situation of their own enterprises

development of wensong color printing

Fujian wensong Color Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and officially established in 1998. It is located in zhangban Town, Quanzhou Taiwan investment area, a National Taiwan investment area. The company covers an area of more than 150 mu, with a registered capital of 70million, total assets of more than 300 million, and now has more than 600 employees and 130 managers

the company attaches importance to equipment investment. Since its establishment, it has actively introduced world-class complete sets of production equipment. In terms of paperboard production, the company currently has three corrugated paperboard production lines: Taiwan tcy1.8-meter seven layer line, Taiwan Xiangyi 2.5-meter seven layer line, and Germany bhs2.5-meter five layer line, all equipped with qinshanmei energy-saving and consumption reducing products, as well as multiple sets of two-layer paperboard production equipment

in terms of carton production, wensong color printing has three Dinglong printing machines, two Oriental printing machines, boster Martin linkage line, Meguiar paper laminating machine, German steel box pasting machine, Taiwan Tangcheng nail pasting machine, Hanhua digital printing machine, Jinya and Xinchuan flattening die cutting and other equipment

the company's quality objectives are "the pass rate of one-time delivery and inspection of products is 98%, customer satisfaction is 80%, people-oriented management, and the pass rate of employee training is 98%. The products are mainly sold in the golden triangle of Southern Fujian, and cover the surrounding provinces and cities. It has established long-term and stable partnership with many domestic food, electronics, shoes and clothing and other super large enterprises, and the cardboard and cartons it produces are highly praised by customers

profound technical accumulation and business experience, excellent talent team and management system have enabled wensong color printing to continue to be recognized by the government, industry competent units and cooperative customers since its establishment, and to obtain many important qualifications and honors that have attracted the attention of the industry, including AA credit rating units, A-level taxpayers of tax credit, Fujian famous brand products, Quanzhou well-known trademarks, etc

then, the management personnel of wensong color printing led the trainees of the seminar to visit its production workshop. Walking among them, various mechanical equipment are arranged in the spacious space. The students study carefully during the visit and record the problems and highlights they find in their notebooks from time to time. After discovering the bright spots, some students took photos and saved them for use in their own factories

as an important enterprise in the paper packaging industry in Fujian Province, wensong color printing has a large volume and mature management and operation in all aspects. For the students, this is a rare opportunity to visit the site. In the process of asking questions, recording and taking photos, everyone gained a lot. They exchanged their feelings with their classmates and extracted the essence for their own enterprises to learn

in the morning of the next day, the students gathered in the conference room early to have a new course. The management personnel of wensong color printing equipment department, quality department, production department and production control department successively shared the problems and pain points encountered in their work. Mr. Shen Bingsheng, the head teacher, answered them one by one, and called on the students to change if they have something to do and encourage if not

then, Mr. Shen Bingsheng asked the students to share the shortcomings and highlights found during the visit. This is the necessary course for each study trip of the EMBA seminar in the paper packaging industry - "talking about highlights and finding problems". For students, this method can confirm the learning results with their own enterprises; For the visited enterprises, they can find problems that they usually don't pay attention to, and can improve and solve the existing problems

visit Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd.

the morning ended in such a rich course. Everyone said goodbye to wensong color printing management team and came to Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd., another leading enterprise in Fujian Quanzhou paper packaging industry, in the afternoon. The company is also a secondary factory. Mr. Wu Shiyue, its general manager, led the team to welcome the trainees of the seminar

Julong packaging management team led you to visit the production workshop after communicating with the trainees of the seminar. Along the way, we visited the operation process of Fuli 1.8m, Fuli 2.2m and Xiangyi 2.5m corrugated board production lines, and checked the use effect of two-color, three-color and four-color printing machines, flattening full-automatic die-cutting machines, full-automatic box gluing machines, inkjet printing machines and other equipment. Everyone concentrated on asking questions while recording the excellence of Julong packaging

in the afternoon of November 21, Julong packaging management team and students came to the conference room to share their learning experiences. At the invitation of Mr. Shen Bingsheng, general manager Wu Shiyue introduced the development path of the enterprise and pointed out that "the company has continued to maintain a good development trend in recent years, and the total output value has increased by more than 20% annually", which was unanimously amazed by everyone

Julong packaging development road

Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, formerly known as Jinjiang Zhenlong carton factory and Jinjiang Zhenlong paper packaging Co., Ltd. It mainly produces and sells corrugated cardboard and cartons, and the scope of product services mainly includes counties and cities of Quanzhou, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and other regions

the main development process of the company is as follows:

1997: founded the prototype of the company - Jinjiang Zhenlong carton factory, which mainly produces and operates corrugated boxes. Zhenlong carton factory, when it was new, also used and experienced the production mode of family workshop

2003: after six years of development, Zhenlong carton factory has begun to take shape in business and production, and Jinjiang Zhenlong paper packaging Co., Ltd. was established that year

2006: the company moved to a new address, located at No. 269, North District, daxiawu community, Xiyuan street, Jinjiang City. The production scale of cartons was further expanded. At this time, the products produced and operated were mainly corrugated cartons

2007: the first corrugated board production line (Fuli 1800 line) was introduced and officially put into operation in the second half of the year. So far, it has officially entered the era of "secondary factory", and produces and operates two products of paperboard and carton at the same time

2008: the company introduced the second corrugated board production line (Fuli 2200 line) and officially put into production in the second half of the year

2010: Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd. was established. In 2013, the foundation was laid at the new site of the company, which is located in the China packaging and printing industry (Jinjiang) base in Cizao Town, Jinjiang City

2014: the company moved to the China packaging and printing industry (Jinjiang) base in Cizao town. In the same year, the company introduced the third corrugated board production line (Fuli 2200 line), and the corrugated board production scale was further expanded

2016: the company introduced carton production equipment such as high-speed four-color printing machine

2017: the company established a carton business department, with a special management team responsible for the production and operation of corrugated boxes

2018: the company introduced the fourth corrugated board production line (Xiangyi 2500 line)

2019: in August, the 5th production team of the paperboard production line was started

2020: in June, plant 3 was officially put into use, and the second carton production workshop was set up

since its establishment, Julong people have adhered to the brand commitment of "stable quality and value-added service" and the core management concept of "Juzhi Huili, Shende Zhenlong" to build a happy enterprise. In recent years, Julong packaging has maintained a good development trend, and the total output value has increased by more than 20% annually

in addition, general manager Wu Shiyue also shared the main contradictions currently facing, such as the contradiction between the release of production capacity caused by equipment upgrading and the relative lack of storage and transportation capacity; The contradiction between the low degree of automation of the subsequent process, the large demand for labor, and the difficulty of labor and recruitment; The profit space of the industry is becoming smaller and smaller, superimposing the contradiction between the challenges of the macro environment and the development and upgrading of enterprises

after listening to the sharing of general manager Wu Shiyue, the students of the overload automatic return function class of the spring experimental machine admired the development process of Julong packaging. From the original family workshop production mode to the current volume and scale step by step, it is conceivable that the hardships of making the lubricating oil spread evenly have gone through. The students were encouraged by this spirit of cutting through difficulties and pioneering spirit, and gave warm applause one after another

after the host shared, Mr. Shen Bingsheng, the head teacher, led everyone to the course "say highlights, find problems". Everyone spoke freely and introduced in detail the highlights and problems they found during their visit to the factory. Julong packaging management team explained and extended them from time to time. Mr. Shen Bingsheng recorded them one by one on the whiteboard for everyone to participate in the self production and self marketing examination different from BYD afterwards

it is worth mentioning that as the hosts, Fujian wensong Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Julong (Fujian) packaging Co., Ltd. held dinners to entertain the trainees of the seminar on November 19 and November 20, respectively. Everyone took their seats in groups and communicated with each other. During the dinner, they were drinking and preparing, talking and laughing, and there was a peaceful atmosphere

paper packaging industry management personnel improvement platform

so far, the seventh stop of the 2020 EMBA seminar in the paper packaging industry has been successfully completed. Through visiting two large paper packaging enterprises, the trainees of the seminar learned the advantages brought by different enterprise development modes, as well as the experience in specific production processes such as fire prevention safety, production specifications, staff management, etc., which is conducive to further refining themselves and enhancing market competitiveness

during this study tour, the author also specially interviewed Mr. Zhang Xinxiong, chairman of Dongguan Xinpu Paper Co., Ltd., and invited him to share his thoughts on this activity

Mr. Zhang Xinxiong shares his travel insights

every enterprise has advantages and disadvantages, which is impossible

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