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Visit Songshan Lake in Dongguan: how does Huawei cloud industrial interconnection help upgrade the manufacturing industry

since its birth, industrial interconnection has been the strategic commanding height for the manufacturing industry. Because in the wave of the fourth industrial revolution, industrial interconnection, as a key technology, is of great significance for human-computer interaction and industrial digitalization

in particular, the occurrence of the COVID-19 this year has made manufacturing enterprises deeply aware of the importance of new infrastructure represented by new technologies such as industrial interconnection, cloud, AI, 5g, etc. for enterprises to resume production. In the scenario of remote office and off-site management, enterprises need the help of industrial interconnection to explore collaborative production and intelligent scheduling across time and space constraints

as industrial interconnection is included in the key areas of new infrastructure, the domestic industrial interconnection industry will enter a new stage of development. Manufacturing giants naturally compete for layout. There are many players on the track, and only a few enterprises can truly empower them. Huawei is one of them

as one of the most successful international manufacturers, Huawei has formed its own distinctive system after more than 30 years of continuous learning, exploration and accumulation in industrial processes. Now Huawei hopes to open system level capabilities to the manufacturing industry. One of the ways to open up is that Huawei cloud, based on the industrial interconnection platform fusionplant, cooperates with excellent application partners to create an industrial interconnection industrial cloud model that is deeply integrated with local industries to support the transformation and upgrading of local industries

Dongguan Songshan Lake functional area is a model. As we all know, Songshan Lake has electronic information manufacturing, robot and intelligent equipment industrial clusters. These clusters have a high degree of automation and strong manufacturing foundation, which are very suitable for the landing and exploration of industrial interconnection. In the process of helping Songshanhu enterprises transform from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, what are Huawei's Secret tricks of cloud industrial interconnection

attack in an all-round way: Huawei cloud builds a digital base

in the modern plant of deput Industrial Park, Huawei cloud industrial interconnection platform fusionplant has been moistened silently, and has gone deep into the business operation system and the production line management system

deput is the leading enterprise of screen modules in China. Its customers include Huawei, oppo and other manufacturers. One of every 14 screen modules in the world is made by deput. By 2019, deput, which has made great achievements in the field of segmentation, has new needs for manufacturing upgrading, and further opened the road of smart factory for comprehensive digital transformation.

Li Lifang, chairman of deput, said: we established the reform promotion department in 2019, and planned a 3-5-year digital blueprint for smart factory, formally integrating smart manufacturing into the company's development strategy. This year, we integrated and established a data management center, Accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of the company is mainly to solve the pain points of enterprise operation, meet the needs of high-end customers for the management of enterprise intelligent chemical plants, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

deput workshop

in this process, deput built a big data project based on Huawei's cloud industrial interconnection platform fusionplant

visual display of big data platform. During the epidemic, big data management helped deput guide the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner, ensuring the occurrence of 0 epidemic cases. Among them, dynamic dormitory management intuitively demonstrated the efficient and convenient management brought by visualization. More typical applications are in the production line. A large number of advanced automation equipment are used in the production process of deput. Through the interconnection between data and equipment, we can better see the state, beat, parameters, efficiency of equipment and equipment maintenance personnel. Viruses not only seriously affect our ability differences in life, but also realize intelligent repair, equipment parameters, status monitoring, intelligent spot inspection, intelligent maintenance, intelligent spare parts management, etc, Make the management of equipment more efficient, said Tang Pinghui, head of deput industrial interconnection project and director of the company's data management center

in addition to the cooperation of data management platform, Huawei cloud, together with ecological partners, also provides business systems such as PLM and SRM for deput, helping deput research and develop digital management and upgrade the integrated supply chain procurement system

Chen Cheng, deput CFO, said: at our peak, the number of people in the factory was close to 13000. At present, with similar workload, the total number of employees in the whole plant is about 8375. According to statistics, after promoting intellectualization, the labor cost directly decreased by 25%-30%

on the other hand, Zhengye technology, which is also located in Songshan Lake, also enjoys the dividends of industrial interconnection, especially engineers from the equipment after-sales service and simulation departments

Zhengye technology engineers improve the structural design according to the simulation analysis suggestions

as a leading enterprise in the R & D and production of intelligent equipment, Zhengye technology mainly provides products and services such as intelligent detection and intelligent manufacturing overall solutions for PCB, lithium battery, LCD panel and other industries. In 2019, Zhengye technology decided to deploy an industrial interconnection project plan with Huawei cloud team to meet the company's needs. First, it should be used to solve the company's pain points, including: numerous suppliers, difficult management, and low procurement efficiency; Complex equipment technology and long R & D cycle; Hundreds of customer service personnel are distributed all over the country, with many field services and difficult communication and management; Equipment maintenance is complex, fault location is difficult, and the accumulation of maintenance experience is slow

Zhengye technology deployed new business applications on Huawei's cloud industrial interconnection fusionplant platform, and connected internal applications through Roma to quickly build efficient supply chain collaboration and after-sales service solutions, improving procurement efficiency and supplier management

for example, in terms of after-sales technical services, Zhengye technology has more than 1000 technical support orders every year, of which more than 80% need engineers to go to the site for confirmation. Only through the early customer's fault description, engineers are often unable to prepare the parts required for maintenance. After the fault is confirmed, they also need to feed back the problem to the relevant departments of the company and arrange the purchase or distribution of maintenance parts. Each repair takes an average of days, and the after-sales operation and maintenance costs millions of yuan every year

with the support of Huawei's cloud industrial interconnection platform fusionplant, the after-sales cost has decreased significantly. By combining IOT IOT system with SRM supply chain management system, Zhengye technology's after-sales maintenance service has stepped up to a new level of intelligence, which can realize remote detection, remote diagnosis, remote fault prediction, preparation of maintenance parts in advance, etc., and improve the company's after-sales service ability

The role of Huawei cloud behind

is 2 Press the mixing switch to provide a comprehensive digital base for manufacturing enterprises, help enterprises get through various operation systems, and build a new digital system based on data

multidirectional output: Industrial cloud reshapes the business model

in addition to the story of Huawei cloud providing a comprehensive digital base for manufacturing enterprises, another great trick of Huawei cloud is to help customers form their own intelligent solutions

in the cooperation of robot enterprise tostar, Huawei cloud helps robot expert tostar output intelligent services, so as to build an unmanned chemical plant for more manufacturing enterprises

first of all, tostar uses Huawei cloud to improve its intelligence. For example, tostar's business data breaks the chimney barrier and makes a deep connection. Specifically, thanks to the support of Huawei cloud fusionplant industrial interconnection platform, tostar SAP system provides rich decision-making information for intelligent manufacturing through integrated management processes such as finance, production, manpower, production operation and maintenance, and connects the data association of upstream and downstream businesses. So as to realize deep data mining and rapid response

tostar intelligent manufacturing system simulation data demonstration

it is reported that in 2018, tostar began to practice intellectualization, and jointly with Huawei cloud took the lead in realizing SAP system cloud, becoming the first SAP cloud project of Huawei cloud manufacturing enterprise. Through Huawei cloud fusionplant industrial interconnection platform, tostar SAP system was deployed and launched in only 4 hours. More importantly, cloud resources can be expanded according to business volume and pay on demand, which greatly reduces the construction and management costs compared with self built data centers

on the other hand, after the success of its intelligent transformation, tostar cooperated with Huawei cloud. With the help of its own industry accumulation and the intelligent support of Huawei cloud fusionplant industrial interconnection platform, tostar further turned into an intelligent manufacturing integrated service provider to provide overall solutions for other manufacturing enterprises

in 2018, tostar t-mes system was settled in Huawei cloud. By integrating industrial robot hardware equipment, MES and other software systems, as well as industrial IOT, it has created a complete solution for intelligent factories

Zhang Peng, general manager of tostar's key customer department, said that tostar hopes to help manufacturing enterprises build industrial interconnection factories and industrial 4.0 factories. After cooperating with Huawei cloud, tostar also accelerated its transformation from a hardware manufacturer to an intelligent solution provider, integrating more software capabilities

next, with the blessing of Huawei cloud industrial interconnection, tostar and other manufacturing enterprises will also deepen the exploration of 5g+ industrial interconnection track with Huawei cloud, and even further reshape the business model of the industry, which is the common goal of Huawei cloud and tostar

Huawei cloud's model of landing in Songshan Lake functional area is called industrial cloud. What is industrial cloud? Industrial cloud is a new model of Huawei's strong alliance with local industries to support local developer's characteristic industries with cloud services. Huawei cloud industry cloud cooperation will cut into different industry themes, such as artificial intelligence industry, IOT industry, software industry, industrial interconnection industry, 5g industry, etc

at present, only in Dongguan Industrial interconnection industrial cloud base, Huawei cloud provides rich digital and intelligent solutions for implementing the energy efficiency improvement plan of distribution transformers, involving industrial simulation, manufacturing execution system (MES) of electronic industry, supply chain management (SRM), and Industrial IOT, ERP, computer aided design (CAD) and other fields

Huawei cloud's specific approach is to first find benchmark enterprises in the industry, or core integrators and equipment manufacturers to cooperate, because they have a deep understanding of the industry. After the standard solution is formed through cooperation, it will be promoted and copied in the industry. In the case of Songshanhu, we can see many ways of cooperation between Huawei cloud and enterprises

the ultimate goal of industrial interconnection is to help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency. Huawei's industrial cloud closely adheres to this goal. Jia Yongli, President of Huawei industrial interconnection solutions, said: Huawei's cloud industrial interconnection platform fusionplant has always been positioned as a black land of industrial digitalization and intelligence, focusing on ICT technology represented by cloud, AI and 5g to build platform capabilities and advantages, and combining with industry-leading ecological partners to provide end-to-end industrial interconnection solutions for industrial enterprises

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