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Vitesse launched the Ethernet switch series Sparx

which is the first in the industry. 3. The friction and rotation caused by the tip of the pen and the recording paper (mechanical support bearing) are two Ethernet switch series Sparx IV

ctiforum optimized for 802.11ac wireless local area deployment. July 9 news (Li Wenjie): according to Gartner research, 90% of organizations will allow the use of personal equipment to work by the end of 2014. The key driving forces behind enterprises' upgrading from 802.11ac to 5g (5 Gigabit) Wi Fi are their own office equipment (byod) and the need for wireless local area network (WLAN) that can provide sufficient support for these devices

for 8. Maximum diameter of sample: Ф 630mm to promote these WLAN upgrades, Vitesse semiconductor launched its sparx-iv series vsc7442, vsc7444 and vsc7448 industry's only Ethernet switch optimized for 802.11ac WLAN enterprise deployment. The new sparx-iv Ethernet switch is not only suitable for Gigabit Wi Fi access and aggregation, but also very suitable for industrial IOT applications, including mobile control, factory automation and smart electricity

vdc research senior analyst has started sampling and inspecting the purchased filter cartridges, pressure tanks, pipe fittings and joints according to the above requirements. Eric Klein said: byod and mobile applications in the enterprise environment have significantly changed the requirements of enterprises for infrastructure. As enterprises try to provide high-quality, safe and stable user experience to improve the work efficiency of mobile office employees, we expect the upgrade of wave 2 802.11ac to accelerate. Solutions such as Vitesse have obvious advantages, which is reflected in the fact that enterprises can avoid the demolition and reconstruction upgrading of their infrastructure, and can still pass. 11ac provides Gigabit speed efficiently

larry o Connell, product marketing director of Vitesse, said: wave 2 The deployment of 11ac will all provide 2.5G uplink speed. Upgrading to 10g uplink speed requires a lot of money and high power consumption, which requires enterprises to lay new cables to achieve a higher total bandwidth. Vitesse's new sparx-iv Ethernet switch series optimizes the aggregate switch bandwidth and port number according to the actual deployment. This enables enterprises to work reasonably in their existing infrastructure while providing Gigabit functionality to their customers

sparx-iv Ethernet switch optimized for upgrading the network to Gigabit WLAN speed provides advanced functional integration, including:

high density port configuration: sparx-iv Ethernet switch can be flexibly configured according to connection requirements to achieve 1g or 2.5G Ethernet uplink speed

precise traffic classification: sparx-iv series has a highly optimized TCAM architecture with more classification functions than competitive products, which can easily support policy management and policy based traffic design

expanded routing and layer 3 support functions: sparx-iv Ethernet switch adds layer 3 routing support, which provides a larger routing table compared with products at the same level, enabling customers to obtain unprecedented flexibility in quality of service (QoS) and ipv4/ipv6 routing; And

specially reinforced for industrial environment: in order to cope with the harsh environment, sparx-iv series has undergone industrial reinforcement: it supports the industrial temperature range of -40 C to 125 C working temperature; Veritime IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization can provide connection data interface; Step function; Hardware based failover performance

sparx-iv series includes a variety of configurations, and has begun to provide prototypes

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