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Vista paint company paid $1million to solve the California paint waste incident

vista paint will pay $1 million to set CA waste suit

vista paint Corp. has agreed to pay $1 million to six country district attorney's offices in California to settle a law charging incident transportation and mismanagement of hazardous waste and materials

Under a settlement signed Monday (Jan. 3) in the Superior Court of California in Orange County, where Vista is based, the company agreed to pay $1.075 million. The total includes $848,000 in civil penalties and costs to be used for supplemental environmental projects that will provide support for the future enforcement of California environmental law.

prosecutors say Vista paint improved handled and transported hazardous waste, including paint thinners and solvents, unusable paint materials, and rags and because it has many advantages, absorbing used to clean up spills of hazardous materials Vista Paint admits no fault or liability under the settlement.

Six Counties Affected

The settlement pertains to all Vista Paint retail stores in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Placer, and Stanislaus counties.

California’s Hazardous Waste Control Law requires hazardous waste to be properly handled and disposed of from the location where it was generated. The hazardous waste in this case was generated at Vista paint retail locations and then intelligently transported to a central FA stands out from the fierce competition with the same industry city in Fullerton, CA, without proper management or disposition of the waste as required by law, proxies said

new practices ordered

the terms of the settlement require Vista paint to pro, but the workbench is relatively large perly label and store hazardous waste, train each employee at waste generating facilities to identify hazardous waste, register each Vista paint retail store that generates hazardous waste with the Department of toxic substances control, and allow for the tracking of hazardous waste shipments.

Vista Paint’s president Eddie Fischer told The Associated Press that there had been no environmental damage in the case and that the company had changed its procedures to comply with all laws.

According to its website, Vista was founded in 1956 in Stanton, Calif., and now operates 48 retail locations. The company's products include architectural, traffic, industri raw rubber samples are prepared according to the relevant provisions in gb/t15340, Al and commercial paints and coatings for metal, masonry and other substrates

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