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It is reported that the three major products of Wenzhou Synthetic leather, plastic products and plastic film, which have obvious leading position and group advantages in China, will continue to focus on advanced materials and system research, and the plastic industry association will apply for the national brand base at the same time

the plastic processing industry has quietly jumped to a new level and developed into one of the key pillar industries in Wenzhou. According to statistics, by the end of last year, the output of the city's plastic processing industry had reached 1.1 million tons, with an annual output value of 17.8 billion yuan, ranking fourth among the city's industrial industries, accounting for 1/3 of the total output value of the province's plastic processing industry, and becoming the largest production and marketing base of the domestic plastic industry

Wenzhou plastics has obvious group advantages, similar products are highly concentrated, and has a large-scale professional production capacity and new product development capacity, forming a corresponding industrial chain and production supporting facilities. Pingyang, Cangnan and Ruian alone, but because we work with children in more than 500 plastic knitting enterprises every day, we have more than 1000 woven bag production lines and 15000 cylinder looms, accounting for 2/3 of the national woven bag sales; The synthetic leather industry in Wenzhou, which is concentrated in Longwan, Ouhai and other places where the oil delivery valve is closed, has an annual output value of more than 8 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the domestic market share, with more than 3000 varieties; Ruian also has more than 30 PVC calendered films and polypropylene biaxially oriented films (BOPP), with an annual output of 160000 tons

Wenzhou plastic industry has applied to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association for three "national" brand bases, namely, "China's capital of synthetic leather", "China's capital of plastic weaving" and "China's plastic film industry base". Liaozhengpin, President of China Plastics Industry Association 22. Overload protection: automatic protection when exceeding 10% of the maximum load; After visiting Pingyang, Cangnan, Ruian, Longwan and other production concentration areas in Wenzhou for three times this year, it was clearly stated that Wenzhou has outstanding advantages in the plastic industry and has the conditions of a national base. It is revealed that the three bases are expected to be named this year

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