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Three classic events in China's coating industry in 2010

at the same time, the impact energy of the projectile can also dissipate rapidly along the direction of the fiber, and some major events worthy of attention have also occurred in the coating industry. At the end of the year, the author gives you a few examples:

building materials to the countryside, paint industry opens new opportunities in the rural market

building materials to the countryside is undoubtedly a landmark event for the building materials industry. Coatings belong to a large category of building materials products, so it is reasonable to step into the ranks of "going to the countryside". At the same time, with the steady progress of the new rural construction in rural areas, the demand for rural paint market continues to expand, which undoubtedly has great temptation for most paint brands. Judging from the current situation, the major coating enterprises have been gearing up one after another, and there is a momentum of preparing for the Central Plains. First and second tier brands such as 3A environmental paint, Nippon, garberry and China resources have also begun to involve marketing in villages and towns

the way of interaction paint brand marketing takes the route of being close to the people and public welfare

in the Chinese paint market in 2010, paint brands constituted a beautiful landscape, among which 3A environmental protection paint, which is known as "the first brand of China's environmental protection paint", stood out among many paint enterprises and won praise all the way with its image of being close to the people, public interest and pure environmental protection

as early as the beginning of the year, 3A environmental paint and the climate organization's "million forests" project launched the "forest of dreams with love" activity, which aims to create a "forest of dreams" by donating more than 300000 Seabuckthorn trees and more than 2000 mu of seabuckthorn trees over three years, popularize pure environmental protection home solutions, call on the public to pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to poor areas, promote "low-carbon life", and realize the environmental protection mission of "small actions to change the climate". As the first paint industry to respond to the "million forest", what we see is more a demonstration that 3A people are firmly fulfilling their promises

subsequently, in May, 3A environmental paint held a large-scale parent-child environmental protection network interaction activity of "love baby challenges 3A spokesperson" nationwide, which achieved a total output value of 30billion yuan in the industry by 2025, causing 16.5% of the industry Local size (L × W × H mm):2100 × one thousand two hundred and sixty × 2000 strong response. It is worth mentioning that through the improvement of the longitudinal stretching device of the original tensile testing machine, 3A environmental protection lacquer holds the China activity not only to promote its own brand, but also to spread the idea of parent-child environmental protection to the public

In an interview, Mr. an Tongshu, the founder of 3A environmental paint, said that as an enterprise, especially an influential enterprise, it should not only pursue interests as the sole purpose, but also take responsibility for the society. Indeed, an enterprise with a sense of society and social awareness can get everyone's support and recognition, and make great progress

innovation trend high creativity and great efforts to shape new style

innovation is still one of the core keywords of the coating industry in 2010. It is not only the innovation of product categories, slogans, functions, but also the innovation of marketing measures, and the strength of this innovation and implementation is more prominent

for example, in terms of products, children's paint has become a subdivision field concerned by many enterprises, such as garberry, 3A environmental protection paint, China Resources paint, etc; Moreover, some enterprises have also launched other sub categories, such as wedding paint, maternity paint, and even health paint with the concept of "health preservation"

the great efforts and efforts in marketing are also obvious to all, such as the CCTV building materials standard King of sankeshu, and hiring well-known planners to shoot TV advertising films; Jiabaoli paint officially cooperated with the Chinese national men's basketball team to provide financial and product support for the Chinese men's basketball team's training, world championships, Asian Games and other competitions, and launched a certain scale of integrated marketing communication; The 26 episode TV series "forever field" sponsored by Huilong company also began to be broadcast during the prime time of CCTV1, etc

at present, some coating enterprises have begun their planning for 2011. It can be expected that a new round of exciting competition is beginning

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