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Thought makes career and blood casts life

thought makes career and blood casts life

January 5, 2011

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[Chinese paint information] as the saying goes: "thinking determines the way out, thinking can do it." No matter difficulties or adversity, there is a way out only with ideas. In prosperity and prosperity, there is a greater development only with ideas. In this world, some people are confused, day by day, but some people don't follow the trend, have their own clear goals and directions, and have clear ideas and ideas. They dance their pens in the tide of society, lead the trend, and write brilliantly

choice determines the future

in the 1960s, at the call of the motherland, song Quanxin's parents brought him from Jiangsu to Xinjiang with enthusiasm to support the construction of the border areas. Time flies, and decades have passed. He smiled and said, I am the second generation of Zhibian. Having witnessed the development of Xinjiang for decades, song Quanxin is full of feelings for Xinjiang. He said that Xinjiang is now developing very fast, and people's living standards have also been greatly improved

because he has been in contact with the decoration industry, song Quanxin started his business in hardware. In fact, in the 1990s, China's plastic extruder industry was moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, and its brand awareness was very weak. However, song Quanxin, who has been in the decoration industry for many years, clearly saw the trend of market branding and deeply understood the importance of brand. He believes that brand manufacturers are very guaranteed in terms of quality and quality. But he found that the brands in the hardware industry are too miscellaneous, and it is very difficult to be a brand agent. In 2002, he decided to enter the paint industry. To this end, he collected the information of many first-line brands in the domestic coating industry and visited more than 10 nationally renowned brand manufacturers one by one. From the perspective of quality, how much confusion do you have? Enterprise background, manufacturer strength, product quality and even leadership business ideas, he compared the configuration of tensile testing machine, and the most important thing is screw rod and transmission. After careful consideration and comprehensive consideration, song Quanxin finally chose meitushi company. He said that the company itself has extraordinary strength and is a first-line brand. He particularly appreciates the development ideas and future plans of chairman Zhou Weijian and vice chairman Wang Manli. There will be no mistake in choosing such a company in the future. After many visits to the factory, he became a dealer of metus

in October, 2008, he chose to integrate the resources of metox and another brand of the same company in Xinjiang. He said, "integrating resources is conducive to better development. Now the market has a large space, but there are also many brands. The integration of the two brands has a more competitive advantage."

ideas determine the way out

since 2008, the brand of meitushi has been operated. In just two years, meitushi has achieved miraculous rapid development in Xinjiang. Nowadays, the stores of metus are all over Xinjiang, and Xinjiang metus has become a leading brand in the local area

thought determines height, and thought determines the way out. In the eyes of insiders, song Quanxin is successful because he is very thoughtful, has clear ideas and makes clear decisions

when the market was mixed with brands, he began to pay attention to the power of brands; When the market has not paid attention to the distribution points, he started the distribution point layout again; When paint merchants still stay in the traditional concept, song Quanxin puts the construction of terminal image on the agenda again. Even in the opening of stores in the new market, he pays attention to seizing the opportunity and taking a quick step. On August 28, 2010, the three direct stores of Maxus Xinjiang flagship store, exhibition center and image store welcomed customers with Tianxin makeup. In the brand-new building materials market, Maxus became the first paint brand to open a store with such a high profile, seizing the market opportunity at one stroke and expanding its influence unprecedentedly. It is understood that when preparing for the opening, many people just asked the leaders of the company to cut the ribbon at the beginning, but song Quanxin resolutely decided to invite the leaders of all departments of the Urumqi municipal Party committee to the scene, and invited many multimedia to publicize and report. This move not only made the scene of the opening of the three stores of Xinjiang meitushi very grand, but also made the influence of the event widely spread. On the opening day, due to the good location, large area, beautiful decoration and beautiful shopping environment, the new store of metus attracted many customers who came to hear the news. There was a long line in front of the on-site signing desk of Ren Dezhong, general manager of metus, and the whole signing site was crowded with crowds. Afterwards, statistics showed that 246 orders were signed on site, and the customer's on-site deposit reached 276000. It is expected that the delivery volume will exceed 500000, which has reached a new high in daily sales in Xinjiang. Everyone said that the success of the simultaneous opening ceremony of the three stores marked the first shot of Xinjiang meitushi taking off again

the store image on that day added a lot of points for metus, which is due to the importance song Quan attached to the terminal image construction of the new team. He said that the display of terminal image is the first impression to consumers, and a good image can give consumers confidence in purchasing products. Meitux has always emphasized the importance of terminal image construction. In 2000, metox began to implement the marketing model of exclusive store construction in the industry. After years of development, it has a very mature model. After Song Quanxin started to act as an agent for the brand of meitushi, he made great efforts to the terminal construction of meitushi in Xinjiang. The decoration of the three stores opened on August 28 alone cost hundreds of thousands, and the degree of attention is extraordinary. However, while insisting on building terminals in strict accordance with the standards of metus, Xinjiang metus also pays attention to the combination with local characteristics. Many franchised stores also have a special area for ethnic customs. The ethnic patterns on the classical mahogany window and the colorful art paint samples on the wall are even more icing on the cake for the store image, which is full of strong exotic customs. It is not only tailored to the preferences of the local Uygur minorities, but also makes people feel the charm of the color of the paint. In this way, meitushi in Xinjiang not only gives people the impression of a big brand, profession and atmosphere, but also has a kind of cordial charm

song Quanxin said that at present, Xinjiang meitushi mainly focuses on decoration channels. At present, the situation of the decoration market is generally "labor and materials contracting", which pays more attention to the quality and cost performance of products. He often communicates and interacts sincerely with some professionals. While understanding the market and improving their feelings, he also provides them with products with stable quality and sincere and considerate services. There are more and more customers, and a win-win situation has been achieved between them

attitude determines life

song Quanxin in work, and dedication is the synonym of song Quanxin. As a leader, he is always the first to come to the company and often the last to leave

every time when holding a monthly meeting, song Quanxin will take out his notebook and carefully take notes. He will write down the opinions or suggestions put forward by each employee. If it can be solved, it will be solved on the spot. If it cannot be solved at that time, he will mark it and solve it before the next meeting

he believes that every employee is excellent and worthy of respect. He believes that delegating power can enable employees to actively play their initiative while feeling respected. Song Quanxin said, "everyone is a collective. Without the joint efforts of the employees, there will be no Xinjiang meitushi today. The employees' comments are his recognition of the team. He can see the existing and potential problems in his work. He sees himself as a member of the team and has a positive spirit of ownership before he puts forward ideas."

song Quanxin is serious and meticulous in his work, but he never puts on the airs of the boss to his employees. In life, he is very approachable and often acts as a key figure in an active atmosphere. In the eyes of employees, whenever everyone goes out to play, he can always create a happy atmosphere and make a mess with everyone. At this time, he is no longer a boss, but everyone's big brother. Song Quanxin said that working together is a kind of fate and should be cherished. Only a good working atmosphere can make the company have a benign development. Xinjiang meitushi company is very famous for its internal vitality and cohesion. In such a working environment, you can get enough exercise and trust, and the employees naturally hold back their efforts to do a good job. The sales of Xinjiang meitushi have also increased rapidly

business is the root, service is the Supreme

song Quanxin understands that on the road of management, integrity is the foundation, business is the root, and the two are equally important and indispensable. In order to cope with the increasingly segmented market of the coating industry, song Quanxin complied with the changes of the market and made a comprehensive reform of his business mode. Song Quanxin upgraded the image of the store, implemented terminal multi store interception, and tried to make a single store profitable and relieve the pressure under the mode of multi store franchise operation. He is committed to promoting the transformation of channel system, integrating decoration companies, projects, distributors, local franchises and other channels, and implementing all-round linkage sales. In terms of accelerating the transformation of the personnel management system, song Quanxin further integrated the work department, refined the division of labor, and made it clear that professional people should do professional things to make the best use of their talents. In promoting the transformation of business management, he clarified everyone's responsibilities, rights and interests, and achieved performance pay in terms of salary transformation, emphasizing humanistic care, so that a sound incentive mechanism can keep the team alive

referring to the current development achievements of Xinjiang meitoushi, song Quanxin was very modest, "I'm just going our way now, occupying the market share we should occupy." Song Quanxin witnessed the development of the decoration material market in Xinjiang for decades, and talked about whether it is suitable for the experiment and the current market. He said that now the decoration materials in Xinjiang are very transparent, and the demand for the whole Xinjiang is very large. He was very grateful to Ren Zonghe company for its support for Xinjiang meitushi, and believed that with the strong support of the company, all personnel of Xinjiang meitushi will have more vigorous combat effectiveness and innovative and pragmatic spirit, We will continue to achieve operational innovation, management innovation and service innovation, so that more Xinjiang consumers can use healthy paint and reassuring paint, and provide them with high-quality products and sincere services, so as to repay Xinjiang consumers' trust and love for metus paint. Xinjiang metus will certainly achieve greater development and become the No. 1 brand in Xinjiang paint industry

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