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Three don't believe in safety: Transform cloud encryption service providers to make encryption a data attribute

in troubled times, how to protect yourself to survive, at that time, it is particularly important to practice good Kung Fu

put this sentence in today's enterprise information security system, encryption is that skill

in the overall security system of enterprises, firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection are still popular. If you want to ask how much weight password technology occupies, I'm afraid it's a little insignificant in the eyes of many people

Zhang Yuegong, founder and CEO of San Wei Xin'an

however, why we emphasize encryption so much here is because it plays an increasingly important role in the information security system, just like a person with a lot of Kung Fu has the ability to defend. According to Zhang Yuegong, the founder and CEO of San Wei Xin'an, encryption should be the attribute of data itself. It is different from boundary security technologies such as firewalls. Encryption is the last line of defense to protect data. Even if the data is finally exposed to attackers, hackers still have nothing to do

regard encryption as the attribute of data itself

indeed, traditionally, encryption technology is applied to key fields such as finance, government affairs, military industry, etc. However, with the development of interconnection, the value of data is becoming more and more prominent, and encryption technology is applied more and more widely

Zhang Yuegong said that encryption should be an inherent attribute of data, just like locking important files in the office. Especially with the in-depth application of cloud computing, the generation and flow of data are more frequent. Therefore, to make encryption accompany the whole life cycle of data, cryptographic technology, as an active security technology, is an important means to ensure information security

once the data is encrypted from the source, it is equivalent to covering it with an invulnerable protective shell, and it is also protected in circulation and storage. Only under specific circumstances and specific permissions, that is, in a trusted environment, can the owner of the data decrypt and open it

but for ordinary users, they may not feel it, so the existence of password technology is not as obvious as firewall and anti-virus. Just like the magnetic stripe card of a bank is replaced by an IC card, because the magnetic stripe card is easy to be copied, but the user may not know it. The user always operates the password he enters, and does not know the difference in password technology behind it

however, Zhang Yuegong firmly believes that the market for cryptographic technology must be growing, because once the data is not encrypted, it will be poured out after it is lost or leaked. The change of security awareness is making cryptology technology get attention. And with the construction and landing of cloud computing, big data and smart city, the volume of data is getting larger and larger. Only encrypted data can ensure that it will not be abused and effectively used

it is understood that sanweixin'an is a designated unit for the production and sales license of commercial password products recognized by the State Password Administration. Its encryption card, server password machine, financial data password machine and cloud password machine are in the leading position in domestic technology. As a major provider of commercial cryptographic equipment in China, Sanwei Xinan products have been widely used in finance, telecommunications, power, transportation, government affairs and other industries

since 2014, San Wei Xin'an has also provided password products and technical support for IBM's hardware product plastic granulator operation in an extremely wide range of fields and financial solutions, and has become the first company to complete regional crypto enablement (RCE) mechanism cooperation with IBM. This is good news for Chinese users who use IBM mainframe. For IBM, it is the leading cryptographic product technology of San Wei Xin'an that can support IBM products to seamlessly support China's national secret algorithm, which has promoted the utilization and growth of high-performance composites

transformation cloud encryption service

encryption and data privacy, value transfer, etc. are closely linked from the 20 foot bridge to the FRP deck of the world's largest road bridge installed in Massachusetts last year. Now more and more data are concentrated in the cloud, and the data security problem in the cloud is more complex

no boundary can be found in the cloud. Now we need defense in depth. What technology is suitable for defense in depth? The answer is encryption. Data can be encrypted in VPN and other transmission links, and can be encrypted in static storage. Encryption technology can accompany the whole life cycle of data

password products should also meet the requirements of sharing and dynamic scalability in the cloud and become an on-demand service. In the case of cloud cipher machine, it supports the use of password service rental to provide services for users. Users no longer need to buy expensive password equipment, and can use various services provided by cloud cipher machine with only a small amount of service fees. The service form is elastic and configurable on demand, and the key security is guaranteed

Zhang Yuegong said that to complete the transformation from an encryption equipment provider to a cloud encryption service provider, it is an important decision to adopt the method of 7.3.5 in the verification of San Wei Xin'an. Among Password manufacturers, San Wei Xin'an was the first to lay out the cloud strategy and has made several years of research and development and market preparation

at present, the cloud password service of San Wei Xin'an has been deployed in many domestic public cloud and government cloud. Zhang Yuegong believes that China will rise as a leading encryption company in the industry, and San Wei Xin'an will be the leader of cloud encryption

how will cloud encryption be applied in the evolution of all security technologies to the cloud? How does San Wei Xin'an become a cloud encryption service provider? At the 8th China Cloud Computing conference hosted by the China Institute of electronics, Zhang Yuegong will make a more detailed interpretation. Let's look forward to it

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