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Sanxiong Aurora pays attention to rural classroom lighting and helps Dashan hope

"compared with urban classroom lighting, rural classroom lighting has a weak foundation and even the lack of lamps, and the problem is more serious. Lighting comes first in 100 years of education. As a place for children and adolescents to learn knowledge, their eye health cannot be ignored, and it is urgent to improve the classroom lighting environment." Li Quan, manager of Sanxiong Aurora brand management department, directly pointed out the lighting problems in rural classrooms

recently, sanxiongji, this is another special honor after the equipment was successively selected into the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment and guidance (revised in 2013), the "1025" development plan of environmental protection equipment, the catalogue of major environmental protection technology and equipment encouraged by the state (2011 Edition), and the first (set) in the key areas of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province in 2012. The "light love dream" joined hands with the sailing plan, and the love public welfare entered Zhengzhuang primary school in yangjiaji Town, Miyang County, Zhumadian City, The newly developed classroom special lamps (smart series LED classroom lamp panel and smart series LED blackboard lamp) are installed for free in the classroom to create a bright, healthy and comfortable lighting environment for children

it is understood that Zhengzhuang primary school in yangjiaji Township, Biyang County is a teaching point in a national poverty-stricken county. There is no lighting equipment in the classroom. Children can only sit in the light and see the words in the books through the sunlight shining out the window. In case of rainy weather, children will be temporarily suspended due to insufficient indoor light, and the learning environment is worrying. Houfalin, the principal of Zhengzhuang primary school, said that due to the tight financial pressure of the school, classroom lamps have not been purchased

in recent years, due to the high attention of the CPC Central Committee to the targeted poverty alleviation work, the reading needs of schools and students in poor mountainous areas have been effectively alleviated. However, classroom lighting has not been paid attention to, and the lighting foundation is weak. According to various experimental data and curves, the detection rate of poor vision in rural children is slightly higher than that in urban children

ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 40 ℃; Relative humidity: 20 ~ 80%; A strong youth makes a strong country. It is the responsibility of the whole society to let children learn and grow in a healthy and good educational environment. To this end, the Sanxiong Aurora "light love dream" public welfare project mainly focuses on the problem of lighting shortage in remote mountain schools in China, and uses the limited high-quality public welfare resources that need to strengthen the development of selective porous films to the most needed places, so as to provide high-quality lighting fixtures and scientific and reasonable lighting schemes for primary and secondary schools in remote mountain areas, and create a bright, healthy and comfortable lighting environment for children, so that children can see, see clearly Look for a long time

Zhengzhuang primary school is the first stop of the "light love dream" public welfare action. In the future, Sanxiong aurora will continue to work with sina Yangfan public welfare fund to seek rural schools with weak lighting foundation to create a better light and future for local children

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