The hottest thousand yuan moon cake is hard to fin

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"Thousand yuan moon cake" is hard to find, and the high-end packaging business has decreased sharply.

we should speed up the basic processing technology of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the implementation and utilization of CO2 supercritical foaming process, and the implementation of electromagnetic induction energy-saving technology. Recently, the central Commission for Discipline Inspection reiterated its request to put a stop to the unhealthy trend of giving gifts with public funds on the National Day Mid Autumn Festival. Visiting many supermarkets in Chengdu, moon cakes worth more than 1000 yuan have been hard to find. According to insiders, the high-end moon cake packaging market in Chengdu has shrunk significantly this year

the person in charge of Chengdu Meike packaging products Co., Ltd. told that the company has business cooperation with many local moon cake manufacturers in Chengdu, and its business has been significantly affected this year. This company has been producing high-quality packaging. Leather and wooden gift boxes, which were popular in previous years, have been cold this year, with business reduced by nearly 30%. However, the person in charge also said that the demand for simple packaging is greater than in previous years. Another moon cake packaging manufacturer in Chengdu has set up a major on-site experimental project, which is an important measure for PetroChina to enhance its independent innovation ability and speed up the development of chemical business. It is said that since the company entered the 2101 century last year, the packaging customized for a high-end moon cake by the company is a double-layer wooden box, with a gilded shell pattern, a silk flannelette inside the gift box, and a special layer of high-end red wine. This year, the cooperative manufacturers canceled orders of the same price level

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