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Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision: three batches of wooden furniture were found to be unqualified

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision: three batches of wooden furniture were found to be unqualified

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[China paint information] on the 10th, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of the quality supervision and spot check of Guangzhou wooden furniture products in 2015 at its official, 21 batches of products produced by 21 enterprises were sampled, and 3 batches of products from 3 enterprises did not meet the standard requirements

this spot check is based on qb/t 2384 wooden writing table, qb/t 2530 wooden cabinet, qb/t 2531 kitchen furniture, qb/t 2383 dining table and chair, gb/t 24821 dining table and chair, gb/t 3324 general technical conditions of wood furniture, GB 18584 limit of harmful substances in wood furniture of interior decoration materials, qb/t 1951.1 quality inspection and quality assessment of wood furniture Gb/t 14532 wooden cabinets and shelves for office furniture and other standards inspect carpentry requirements, structure, table stability, table strength, drawer (or keyboard support) and slide strength, door strength, shelf support strength, vertical static load of keyboard support, formaldehyde emission, heavy metals (color Limited paint) and other items

in this spot check, there are 2 batches of products whose woodworking requirements are unqualified. The standard requires that the non interface surface of wood-based panel components should be edge sealed or painted. The non joint surface of wood-based panel is not veneered and edge sealed, which is easy to be affected by moisture and crack, resulting in dimensional changes, which will deteriorate the strength and stability of furniture and reduce its service life; Moreover, the formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels without veneering and edge banding is generally large, which is easy to cause the high formaldehyde emission of furniture. The reason for the disqualification is that the enterprise is not familiar with the standard or in order to reduce the cost, the artificial board without veneer and edge sealing is used in the inconspicuous parts of the furniture (such as the back plate and drawer bottom plate) during production

in addition, one batch of products failed to meet the formaldehyde emission requirements. The excessive formaldehyde emission is mainly due to the use of adhesives, hardeners, waterproof agents and other chemical raw materials in the processing of some plywood and wood core board, which will contain free formaldehyde; Secondly, some paint on the surface of furniture also contains formaldehyde. If the manufacturer uses too much or uses inferior adhesives or paints and other chemical materials when producing wooden furniture, it will lead to the formaldehyde emission of furniture (1) select the research object: that is, it is certain that the object subjected to force analysis exceeds the standard

general knowledge of product purchase and use

most wood furniture is composed of wood-based panels such as decorative medium density fiberboard and decorative particleboard. A large amount of glue should be added in the manufacturing process of wood-based panels. The main component of glue used in the manufacturing of such products is modified plastic, formaldehyde. Therefore, whether the formaldehyde emission of wooden furniture is qualified or not, the key is to control the quality of raw material procurement. At the same time, the design of furniture is also very important. In order to save costs, most enterprises have made great efforts in the design, but the mechanical properties of furniture will also be reduced. Only by eliminating unqualified raw materials and improving the defects of production design, it is possible to produce qualified finished products

when purchasing wood furniture, consumers should pay attention to the following problems: first, they should buy products from manufacturers with good brands, good reputation and a certain production scale; The second is to ask for the qualified inspection report of products from the merchants; Third, buy products with complete product identification information (including factory name, address, model and specification, executive standard number, formaldehyde emission, etc.) and attached with product instructions; Fourth, we should pay attention to whether the formaldehyde emission marked on the product meets the E1 level requirements

list of unqualified products and their enterprises in the quality supervision and spot check of Guangzhou wooden furniture products in 2015

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