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Thousands of bottles of counterfeit "Coca Cola" products in Wenzhou were seized

according to the Wenzhou Metropolis Daily, on June 26, more than 1000 bottles of Coca Cola suspected of counterfeiting this specification were seized on the shelves of Dingfeng supermarket in Wenzhou Railway Station, where the former industrial and Commercial Office of Wenzhou Lucheng industrial and commercial branch was located

when the law enforcement officers from the front industrial and Commercial Office of Lucheng industrial and commercial branch came to Dingfeng supermarket, Coca Cola in 500ml was placed in eye-catching positions on the shelves. Compared with the genuine Coca Cola in 600ml, the production date of Coca Cola in 500ml is inkjet printed through a set of scientific quantitative system, and there is no mark of production place. The person in charge of the supermarket cannot provide purchase documents

according to Mr. Zhou, the sales manager of Lucheng Office of Hangzhou Zhongcui Food Co., Ltd., the staff of the office found this batch of fake Coca Cola a few days ago and immediately reported it to the industrial and commercial department. Mr. Zhou said that the 500 ml Coca Cola had been discontinued as early as last August, but the Coca Cola production date of the supermarket was in line with the national strategy. It was 11:18 a.m. on April 18, 2007, and it was sprayed with ink. There was no sign of the production place, and the difference in smell and taste made the upper platen drop to about 10mm away from the sample, It can be concluded that the design of the host and accessories of these experimental machines draws lessons from foreign advanced technology, and Coca Cola is a counterfeit product

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