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In 2019, the global shipment of triphoto intelligence will reach 240million

it is estimated that the global shipment of triphoto intelligence (including TOF) will be about 240million

in 2018, Huawei released P20 Pro Leica triphoto camera (hereinafter referred to as "triphoto") intelligence (40m main camera + 20m black and white + 8m telephoto), 5x hybrid zoom, super night view and other highlights once again triggered the photography revolution, Let sanshe start to become the clamping jaw of the fixture of the intelligent hand tensile testing machine, which can be divided into different models of flat jaw and round jaw according to the shape of the measured material. Subsequently, a number of three shots and even four shots were listed on the market. According to the survey data of sigmaintell, it is estimated that in 2019, the global shipments of smart phones supporting Sanhe (including TOF) will be about 240million, and Sanhe will enter a period of rapid growth

three cameras are mainly high-pixel + telephoto + wide-angle, and the main manufacturers quickly follow up

photography allows us to retain the beautiful moments of life with light and shadow. With the rapid popularization of intelligence and the rise of various social software, photography has quietly become one of the important ways for people to record their lives, and the pixels of smart cameras are also increasing year by year. On the basis of high pixels, coupled with the needs of fast focusing, background virtualization, dark light shooting, etc., limited to capacity space, a single camera cannot meet the requirements as a professional camera. Different combinations and algorithms of dual cameras have significantly improved the photographic effect and brought a better experience to consumers

color + Color: with the same amount of light, the number and area of pixels are increased, which greatly improves the image quality

color + black and white: through the large amount of light input of the black and white camera, the detailed pictures are captured and the color pictures are synthesized to enhance the dark light shooting effect

wide angle lens + telephoto lens: realize multiple optical zoom

in 2019, with more and more tri cameras coming into the market, tri camera collocation is as diverse as dual camera collocation. Flagship models are mainly high-pixel main camera + telephoto + wide-angle. Some models will also be equipped with TOF function, for example. In order to meet the cost requirements, medium-level models will reduce the resolution

Figure 1: high-end model configuration

Figure 2: medium-level model configuration

Huawei leads the three camera market

in 2019, with the maturity of the three camera algorithm and the improvement of the capacity of the module factory, the whole machine manufacturers will release more three cameras, and it is expected that in the near future, three cameras will penetrate into Qianyuan smart. According to the data of group intelligence consulting (sIgM, only high-quality equipment can have high value aintell), in 2018, Huawei led the smart segment of Sanhe, which accounted for about 7% of its overall shipment. It is expected that Huawei will still be the leader of the three photographers in 2019, and its own penetration rate will rise to about 31%. Samsung successively released three/four camera intelligence such as a9s/a8s in the fourth quarter of 2018. In 2019, Samsung will release a number of three shots on S Series/Note Series/a series, and it is expected that the proportion of its three shots will rise to about 16%. At the same time, Apple's upcoming new machine in 2019 is also expected to adopt the three camera scheme, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles, and its own penetration rate will also reach about 20%

although the development momentum of the market is weakened due to the impact of the general environment, three photography will still bring a better photography experience and make our life a little more wonderful

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