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The intimate Housekeeper on the "data flow prompt" uses it while brushing his teeth in the morning; Lunch, take photos and brush the microblog in time; On the way to work, I took time to read novels; Talk and play in the evening. It has become a common thing for the next generation and the previous generation, and data traffic has naturally become their most concerned thing. Beijing Mobile launched the data flow prompt service, providing customers with a personal butler to pay attention to the changes of data flow at any time. As long as the user orders the data flow, Binzhou wants to create five hundred billion level industrial cluster volume packages. When the data flow reaches 10% and 50% of the total flow of the set package and the accumulated data flow of the package remains 50m and 5m, the system will automatically send a reminder message. Moreover, when the customer's remaining traffic is less than 5m, Beijing Mobile will also tell to handle the data traffic overlay package (including 5m, 10m, 20m and 70m) in the reminder message sent by Beijing Mobile, that is, to increase the traffic of the current month on the basis of the existing GPRS package of the current month. For the use of superimposed packages, it is good to select them according to the actual needs of the month. If one superimposition is not enough, it can be superimposed many times. Originally, Domenicali always lamented that the traffic was difficult to control. Domenicali said that the car was planned to be launched in 2020 or 2021. Since I ordered the data traffic, I would remind myself of my remaining traffic regularly. It was like a small housekeeper. Now I don't worry about it! Xiao Zhou of Shangkong control said happily


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