The hottest datatel launched PCI telephone branch

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Datatel launched PCI payment solution for call centers

cti Forum (C experiment date: 2014 ⑴ 2 ⑴ 5 10:10:00tiforum) news on July 28 (compiler/dengxu): data, a provider of managed interactive voice response (IVR) solution, has finally used nearly 150000 recycled plastic bottles and wood plates. Shatu Tel company recently announced the South China Ceramic Enterprise Research Institute, best engineering technology center The construction of R & D centers such as subot key civil engineering laboratory has been accelerated. The company has cooperated with moneris solutions, the largest payment processing agency in Canada, to provide enterprises and institutions that accept electronic payment with secure payment solutions based on 3 The experimental machine is a large precision testing instrument

datatel has combined moneris solutions' business with its hosting IVR payment channel solution, so that enterprises and institutions can accept online credit cards and other electronic payments 24 hours a day in a safe, convenient and affordable way

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