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Datang Power Generation responded to the "environmental protection gate": the construction of waste residue yard is legal and compliant. Last week, the daily economy, with the title of "Datang Power Generation trapped in the" environmental protection gate "Inner Mongolia subsidiary accused of polluting the grassland", predicted that Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datang Power Generation) would stabilize the billet market in the future, and its three-level subsidiary, Inner Mongolia Datang International Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Duolun coal chemical), It was reported by 5 non-governmental environmental protection organizations that questioned the existence of environmental protection problems

on November 23, Datang Power Generation replied to the problems mentioned in the open letter of five environmental protection organizations. On the evening of the 24th, three persons in charge of Datang Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datang Energy & Chemical) met with each other to explain the contents of the above open letter and the suspected environmental protection problems of Duolun coal chemical

Datang said that the waste dump mentioned by the environmental protection organization was legal and compliant, and presented the abstract of the environmental impact assessment report and the project construction photos before the relevant construction to show that the corresponding anti-seepage and isolation measures had been taken

in an interview with the daily economy yesterday, the environmental protection organization said that the reply of Datang had solved the core problems mentioned in the open letter, but Datang was "far from enough" in terms of information disclosure and communication mechanism

Datang Energy & Chemical: the waste residue site meets the requirements

in the afternoon of November 22, Datang Power gave targeted replies to the problems mentioned in the open letter. On the 23rd, this reply was sent to hexiaoxia, the head of Dahl asked nature for knowledge

24 on the evening, in the communication with the three principals of Datang Nenghua, the daily economy also saw the written reply titled "explanatory letter on Relevant Issues of non-governmental organizations such as" darwen natural knowledge seeking society "

"one of the core questions they raised is that we dumped waste residue on the green grassland, which is equivalent to polluting the grassland and damaging the environment. In fact, the waste residue site is the construction site of the waste residue site approved by the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China, and we have done anti-seepage treatment in this site, which is a formal environmental protection facility with anti-seepage membrane.". Said panruifeng, director of production technology department of Datang energy and Chemical Co., Ltd

as mentioned in the above instruction letter, "the construction and management of the waste residue yard and related facilities by our Duolun coal chemical company comply with the relevant national requirements and meet the environmental protection needs of the local ecological environment."

Datang Power has responded to the questions raised in the open letter in the above explanation letter. It is reported that in previous reports, the "waste residue yard" mentioned by environmental protection organizations is the environmental protection facility of Datang Power Generation Duolun coal chemical project - ash yard (i.e. "waste residue dump"), which is a permanent facility, and anti-seepage measures have been taken in accordance with relevant national standards and specifications

according to the photos provided by Datang nergy for the staff to lay the anti-seepage membrane before the construction of the waste dump, panruifeng introduced that the anti-seepage membrane is 50 cm below the ground surface. In addition to the construction pictures, Datang energy chemical also provided Datang's environmental impact report on the 460000 T/a coal based olefin project, which was signed in September, 2005

the instruction letter shows that "the waste slag yard is equipped with professional operation machinery and special sprinkler for spraying and dust suppression, which can push, compact and spray the waste slag in time to prevent fly ash, and form a hard shell layer with a certain thickness on the ash surface, with strong wind erosion resistance." The letter also shows that Duolun coal chemical has developed a management system and taken relevant measures to avoid flying dust during transportation

Haojun, the safety and environmental protection director of Datang Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd., who received an interview a few days ago, told Datang Power that Datang Power generation was very concerned about and attached great importance to the letter sent by five environmental protection organizations such as darwen Nature news agency to Datang Power Generation on the 14th, and sent a six person team to the Duolun coal chemical project site in Inner Mongolia for verification. Butachlor

"we didn't do anything wrong." Zhaoyongping, deputy director of the general manager Work Department of Datang energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., said

environmental protection organizations: the degree of information disclosure is not enough

yesterday (November 26), hexiaoxia, who had received the reply from Datang Power Generation, said in an interview with the daily economy, "I think the core problem has been solved. If there are still problems, it is actually that the degree of information disclosure is not enough."

"now there is a problem that in the process of project construction, they had an environmental impact assessment period. The environmental impact assessment needs to be publicized for about one month, but this time is usually far earlier than the actual operation time of the project. It may be one year or half a year ahead of time, and this time is only one month. Only within this month can the public raise questions and comments." Hexiaoxia said, "enterprises are no longer willing to publish the EIA report when they enter the actual construction period, because many things are constantly changing from the EIA to the construction of the project to the final actual operation and implementation, which is likely to be different from that at that time."

enterprises have legal and compliant EIA reports and construction projects, but in the process of actual operation, there will be different situations from that at that time. A similar Duolun coal chemical project with a complete EIA report was found to have many problems in an environmental inspection conducted by the North China supervision center of the Ministry of environmental protection

according to the preliminary targeted Reply of Datang Power Generation, can it be considered that there is no problem in the "waste residue yard" that was once suspected of environmental protection problems? "As far as the current materials are concerned, we can say so," said hexiaoxia

"just like the melamine incident in which several main solid wrenches change the experimental machine, ratchet wrenches change the experimental machine, open-end wrenches change the experimental machine and lever arm wrenches change the experimental machine, it conforms to the existing standards, but it does not mean that your addition is harmless." Cuizhiru, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee for environmental investigation of Chinese listed companies, said in an interview with the daily economy yesterday that the qualified environmental assessment information provided by Datang could not explain that the more products are used in the same industry, the more environmental protection problems. "As for the extent of pollution and harm, it needs to be assessed."

cuizhiru also said that as a listed company, the most basic environment is the timely disclosure of information. When other stakeholders have questions or are likely to be infringed, the communication mechanism with stakeholders should be started in time to disclose information and solve problems. This is the performance of a public company with basically qualified environment

cuizhiru told that the change torque of the sample he had tested also changed. The query on the environmental protection of Duolun coal chemical project originated from the herdsmen's reflection on "pollution", "If you want to achieve this effect, at least visually speaking, there is no fear or harm to the residents and the environment. For example, the torch burns exhaust gas, which is compliant, but you have the obligation to explain that it is compliant burning, and you have the obligation to make everyone not fear."

yesterday (November 26), Dongjian, Secretary General of the future Green Youth Leaders Association, one of the five environmental protection organizations that issued an open letter, said that in response to the content of Datang Power Generation's reply, "we have considered looking for a professional third-party environmental audit unit with cooperation from the public environmental research center to go to Duolun coal chemical industry for review with the public participation of both parties." (daily economy)

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