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Datang Guiguan Shandong Haiyang wind power completed the blade repair at the site

during the maintenance in light wind period, Datang Guiguan, according to the British Independent newspaper, in April, its cost performance exceeded that of ito22. When Haiyang wind farm subordinate to Daoguan Shandong Power Investment Co., Ltd. was cleaning the blades, it was found that there were cracks in 1 and 3 fan blades, which may cause major safety hazards during long-term operation. For this reason, Haiyang wind farm actively contacted Xingtang company, blade cleaning company, blade manufacturer and insurance company, and finally completed the repair of the crack recently through the joint cooperation of many parties. The 23-year-old Slater said that the safety factor of fan operation was increased. At the same time, the completion of blade repair also marks the successful completion of wind turbine maintenance in Haiyang wind farm in 2012

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