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on August 20, 2018, in Beijing, China, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, recently held the 2018 smart distribution digital summit in Xi'an, comprehensively upgraded the ecostruxure power smart distribution digital architecture, and released an IOT based smart distribution solution based on innovative connection, innovative architecture and innovative scenarios.

Schneider Electric With the intensification of the global energy crisis and the increasing demand for electricity, it is a challenge to build a safe and reliable power system for large and key power places, small and medium-sized places, or decentralized places, to ensure a sustainable and stable power supply, and to save energy and increase efficiency to a greater extent. Data show that the economic loss caused by power interruption is as high as 10billion euros every year. At the same time, 82% and 50% of the energy efficiency potential in buildings and industries worldwide have not been developed. With the continuous improvement of the hardness, strength and tensile properties of engineering plastics, users have put forward greater requirements on how to improve the initiative and efficiency of operation and maintenance, effectively ensure the safe and stable power supply of different types of electric fields, regularly replace hydraulic oil, and further improve energy efficiency

as an important part of Schneider Electric's ecostruxure, ecostruxure power intelligent distribution architecture has been comprehensively upgraded. From the aspects of hardware, software and data, it integrates more interconnected products, more professional edge control software with high control accuracy and full life cycle digital consulting services, accelerates innovation, and realizes the comprehensive coverage of equipment connection, system architecture and application scenarios, Create outstanding value for customers in the whole life cycle from capital expenditure to operating expenditure:

hardware innovation and innovative connection: release powertag terminal power distribution intelligent system, smart mvnex medium voltage digital scheme, masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker digital module, smart busway bus digital scheme, etc., connect the sensory system of the equipment with sensing technology, wireless communication technology and embedded system, and adopt the all IP architecture, Schneider Electric will create a distribution network that connects the whole path of electrical equipment from medium voltage to terminal, from bus to power supply, from energy efficiency to temperature

software innovation, innovative architecture: launch ecostruxure Power SCADA operation, power monitoring expert 9.0 power management software and poi plus station control experts to better meet the needs of users' daily work trajectory and facility management scenarios, so as to achieve efficient, accurate and professional deployment and operation, so that users can master assets anytime and anywhere, whether at the power distribution site or in the remote background, and create a new height of refined management

data innovation, innovation scenarios: through a series of expert level consultant applications such as the new facility advisor clairvoyant consultant and power advisor power consultant, Schneider Electric integrates machine learning, intelligent algorithms, cloud technology and distribution knowledge, industry experience, manufacturing and service capabilities and other integrated IOT technologies into wisdom and action, from key power to decentralized sites, Break the distinction between CAPEX and OPEX in the traditional mode with digital tools, and stimulate the re innovation of industrial applications

ecostruxure power three-tier architecture layer by layer innovation

innovation speed everywhere

at the same time of the conference, Schneider Electric also grandly unveiled the digital operation center mainly used to support ecostruxure power digital services. The center is composed of an operation and maintenance consulting team, an analysis and consulting team and a platform management team. With the mission of professional consultants guarding the future and creating value with digital services, the center provides users with 7*24 hours of remote expert support and regular expert analysis and consulting services, so as to achieve preventive and predictive operation and maintenance, ensure the security of data platform, transmission and analysis, and improve system health and operation and maintenance management efficiency, Reduce risks and operation and maintenance costs, become the guardian of the health of users' electrical assets, and help increase business value

At the

meeting of Schneider Electric's on-site unveiling of the digital operation center, Wu Bin, vice president of the electromechanical Institute of Hunan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., said that Hunan urban planning research and Design Institute is a large-scale comprehensive class a design and research and construction technology innovation enterprise in China. Schneider Electric has provided us with an overall distribution system solution. With the help of digital technology, it has comprehensively created a safer, more reliable, more efficient and sustainable distribution system from the three levels of digital hardware, application software and analysis services. Through data analysis, fault early warning, expert diagnosis and other functions, we can better understand the system status, make full use of the data optimization system, tap the energy-saving potential and nip in the bud

Wu Bin, vice president of the mechanical and Electrical Institute of Hunan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

for this event, Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the building business unit in China, said: the comprehensive upgrade of ecostruxure power intelligent distribution digital architecture will help customers and partners fully tap the data value of the huge power system. At the same time, in combination with the ecoxpert ecological partnership program, the project will be designed and constructed, To all stages of the whole life cycle of operation and maintenance, use digital wisdom to stimulate the great potential of the distribution system and create an excellent future

Li Rui (left), senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of building business unit in China, and xushaofeng, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of energy business unit in China, jointly addressed the meeting

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