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Datong Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong daily review 1021

driven by the rebound of crude oil and the daily limit of Shanghai Jiaotong, Shanghai Jiaotong opened substantially higher today, with wide intraday fluctuations, but ended down slightly. The 901 contract opened at a high of 14335, with an intraday high of 14335 and a low of 13140, and finally closed at 13405. The trading volume was 797332, and the position increased by 8252 to 69582

tocom rubber (13405, -120.00, -0.89%, bar) futures rebounded strongly for the second consecutive trading day on Tuesday, but the rebound may not last. The recent rally is just a technical rebound. Further gains in the next few days may provide good selling opportunities. The upward shift may remain limited to the psychological resistance level of 220 yen per kilogram, because despite the recent rise in futures prices, spot prices remain weak and consumers' buying interest is weak. TOCOM's benchmark RSS3 contract closed higher in March, no further processing was required, and it was reported as 201.2 yen per kilogram. At present, the sea freight from Brazil to China is 18.620 US dollars/ton

according to the statistics of the Malaysian statistics department last Friday, the Malaysian Rubber production in August 2008 fell by 6.8% year-on-year to 103767 tons, and increased by 0.8% month on month. In the first seven months of this year, the monthly rubber output reached 769277 tons, down 5.4% compared with the same period last year

technically, the K line is close to the Long Yin line with bare head and bare feet, and all swing indicators begin to rebound from the oversold area

operation suggestion: investors can still maintain short thinking, and sell short when rebound meets pressure. The pressure position leads the experimental machine industry to move forward 14510, and the support position is 12460

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