The hottest data security incident occurred again.

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The data security event has started again! According to the survey, 85% of data leaks involve human factors

according to US media reports, colonial pipeline, the largest product oil pipeline operator in the United States, suffered a extortion attack on May 7, 2021 local time, resulting in the shutdown of some IT systems and the interruption of pipeline operations. This attack forced Colonial pipeline to close a key transportation pipeline with a length of 5500 miles, which bears 45% of the fuel supply demand on the east coast of the United States

as a giant of American product oil pipeline, the enterprise's self-protection ability is not weak, but the system is still penetrated, and the system files are encrypted. Hackers also downloaded 100GB of important data as chips. The reasons behind this are worth investigating

of course, such security incidents caused by data leakage have emerged in an endless stream in the first quarter of this year:

on January 10, a third-party escrow provider of the Bank of New Zealand suffered data leakage due to port exposure

on February 11, due to the existence of operation and maintenance loopholes, the United Nations exposed the records of more than 100000 employees of a certain program

on March 5, an unencrypted server of a British data analysis company exposed about 30tb of data, including 12billion records related to social media

as an enterprise, in the face of IT assets and data management under complex networks, what countermeasures should we take to minimize the losses

Verizon, the largest communication operator in the United States, recently released the 2021 data leakage investigation report on automatic shutdown in case of over-current, over-voltage and overload. The report shows that the rise of remote office and cloud migration of enterprise business under the COVID-19 have increased the possibility of criminals. This report is based on the analysis of 5358 data leakage events from 83 contributors around the world

I have to mention that there are some thought-provoking data in this report on how to effectively maintain the compression testing machine:

1) 85% of the data leakage involves human factors

2) 61% of data leaks involve login credentials

3) in security incidents and data breaches, external cloud assets are stolen more frequently than internal assets

obviously, people are the top priority in data leakage events. According to statistics, 70% of security accidents are caused by poor internal operation and maintenance management. Therefore, strengthening the protection of operation and maintenance equipment and the supervision of operation and maintenance personnel are the fundamental measures to prevent enterprise information leakage events

in the era of cloud computing, complex heterogeneous IT resource environments such as multiple networks, multiple devices, and multiple vendors are also an important incentive for more frequent theft of external cloud assets. Facing the problem of cloud IT assets and data management under complex networks, Zhang Yong, CEO of a cloud manager who has been deeply involved in the field of Enterprise Cloud Computing Management for many years, disclosed to Zhang that with the development and popularization of cloud computing technology, based on the concept of cloud computing, the cloud computing platform is built on computing, storage Cloud platforms based on basic resources such as the Internet have become popular, and enterprises have generally taken cloud computing as the basic support of IT architecture. However, how to effectively utilize and supervise the IT resources distributed on various cloud platforms is a new problem

in the cloud computing field, many experts who help you further understand the equipment are also exploring related extension issues, that is, how to optimize cloud management in a complex multi cloud environment. Large and medium-sized enterprises that adopt a multi cloud strategy generally choose to turn to a technology neutral third-party cloud management platform

as a leading multi cloud management platform in the industry, Zhang Yong, CEO of Xingyun housekeeper, said in an interview: as a technology independent third-party cloud management platform, Xingyun housekeeper provides enterprises with one-stop management solutions for multiple cloud manufacturers and cloud resources to help our customers easily get on the cloud, make good use of the cloud and manage the cloud

the cloud computing management platform of the executive cloud steward has realized the centralized management of a variety of cloud computing resources from multiple cloud manufacturers, providing unified operation and maintenance control from multiple dimensions such as cost, automatic operation and maintenance, monitoring, compliance audit, multi cloud management, and the full life cycle of cloud resources. The cloud fortress machine built in the executive cloud steward provides three functions: operation and maintenance center, consultation platform, and black box

the guarantee based on the displacement accuracy of the operation and maintenance center is to realize the host operation and maintenance strategy management, login credential management, SSH key pair management, etc., which can effectively prevent the data leakage events caused by the exposure of login credentials; Based on the black box, the security operation and maintenance compliance audit capability of prior authorization, in-process supervision and post audit is provided, which fully ensures that the right person can access the right equipment with the right operation, so as to avoid information leakage caused by illegal access, misoperation and other behaviors

the widespread popularity of cloud computing technology has not only brought convenience to life, but also accelerated the pace of enterprises moving towards digitalization. However, it is easy to have artificial management loopholes in the rush to go to the cloud. How to make good use of cloud computing to achieve the take-off of enterprise digitalization should start with choosing the right cloud management platform

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