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Datang integrated its participation in ccbn2016, and diversified products helped the transformation of radio and television. The 24th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (ccbn2016) will be grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on March, 2016. Ccbn2016, with the theme of cloud gathering all media and Zhihui new audio-visual, will intensively display the latest technology and career development achievements in the field of radio and television

as an exhibitor, Datang fusion has participated in radio and television events for 10 consecutive years. In 2016, the booth of Datang fusion participating in CCBN will be more wonderful. With diversified products and the overall strength of a comprehensive service provider that has successfully used historical solutions for nearly 50 years as an information AA (8000) series aluminum alloy cable in the radio and television industry, participants will also experience the powerful impetus provided by Datang fusion for the transformation of the radio and television industry with innovative technologies. This Datang fusion booth has the following highlights that should not be missed:

highlight 1: information security is credible, and radio and television information security is Datang fusion

in the field of information security, Datang fusion cooperates with a number of industry-leading information security enterprises in China. With profound professional knowledge, thoughtful and meticulous services and leading technical capabilities, Datang fusion has customized information security solutions for customers The strategic planning of sustainable security development and the full life cycle security service of information system realize the all-round service strategy of designing security planning for customers from the top and ensuring the daily safe operation of customers from the bottom

the solutions provided by Datang fusion can build a bridge between customers' security needs and information security products and services, closely connect customers' security assurance system with information security core technologies, help them establish a perfect security assurance system, and aggregate the following security technologies and security service forces: computer control experimental instructions, based on Autonomous and controllable it components and information security key technologies, Expand security services in the cloud era and provide technical support for the safe operation of important information systems

point 2: a new service window, customer service system version 3.0

in the context of three integration, improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises is the primary task of the radio and television industry. The customer service system is an important channel and window for providing external services. Convenient and high-quality customer service plays an important supporting role in improving the competitiveness of radio and television enterprises. To build a provincial centralized customer service, we should consider the omni channel of customer service, the unification of the business model of the whole region, the standardization of customer service and the refinement of operation support. At the same time, we should also increase the marketing and promotion ability and service outsourcing ability, transfer from the cost center to the profit center, and form a sound and perfect operation management system. Datang fusion has successfully launched a comprehensive solution for the centralized construction of provincial-level customer service system based on the construction experience of several provincial-level radio and television centralized customer service systems in China

point 3: breaking the data island mode and comprehensively helping radio and television to realize data value

with the gradual maturity of Ngb and the standardization of it information construction in the industry, the phenomenon of data island has become prominent, and the development of big data has become a hot spot in the radio and television industry. The big data analysis system is committed to integrating data in various fields. Through data processing and mining, it can improve the management ability of enterprises in an all-round way, guide managers to make decisions, and it refers to mining potential market value. The big data analysis system integrates and cleans the effective data, quickly presents the indicators concerned by the enterprise to the leadership and business personnel, so that the leadership can make appropriate decisions based on the real and effective data

point 4: the new model of Zhihui family, creating a home-based elderly care service platform, driving scientific and technological innovation, and promoting the standardization of elderly care services and management informatization are gradually becoming a major trend to solve the elderly care problem. Datang fusion has built a smart home information service platform through the rongshitong project, created a characteristic service brand, and opened a new model of smart home

ccbn2016 Datang fusion will strive to expand the scope and depth of exhibition, promote the application of high-tech radio and television and the promotion of new formats. At that time, Datang fusion will exhibit a wide range of products and solutions, including radio and television information security solutions, BSS business support domain, OSS operation support domain, value-added services, etc., to comprehensively help the transformation of radio and television. At that time, friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit booth 7303 of hall 7. We look forward to your presence

Datang fusion Communication Co., Ltd., founded in December, 1999, is a holding subsidiary of Datang Gaohong data network technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 000851). Headquartered in Beijing, Datang fusion has subsidiaries in Harbin, Wuxi, Shenqiu and Wuhan, with more than 1000 employees. Since its establishment more than 10 years ago, the company has developed into a well-known provider of call center industry, integrated communication field, industrial application solutions and three integration solutions in the industry. In july2015, the company was officially listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system (referred to as "new" for short, mainly because there were too many projects launched in the past on the third board). The securities abbreviation is Datang fusion, and the securities code is 833035

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