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First of all, I would like to introduce my nest to TX. the decoration of my nest took seven months. Why does it take so long? The main reason is the serious lack of rice. I really didn't cry poor. When I started the construction, I had only 30000 yuan on hand. With such a little money, I began our decoration journey. The house is filled while waiting for rice to be cooked. Originally, the family should be able to do better, but it is seriously limited to the problem of funds. Many favorite things can't be achieved, and those with high cost are all abandoned

the decoration price is distributed in this way: hard decoration: 75000

furniture: 20000

lamps: 2000

Accessories: 15000

curtains, bedding: 3000

electrical appliances: 20000

total price: 135000

the whole house is taken down, including sealing a 6 square meter Nanyang terrace, building a kitchen and gym on a 21 square meter North terrace, and transforming the location of the entrance door.All hard, soft, home appliances, That is, everything you TX saw in the picture only cost 135000 I really can't save any more

Chinese furniture is originally dark in color, and my room is not large, so I have to use colored walls to express my atmosphere, and wallpaper is beyond my reach. Choosing this green is just a chance for me to make up my mind




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