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Introduction: from July 8 to 11, cen Jiamin, sales director of Stevie at Guangzhou Construction Expo, said in an exclusive interview with Huiya information home hotline reporters that this year the company has also made great efforts to rectify its production management and strive to provide better products

interview guest: Cen Jiamin, sales director of Guangzhou Stilwell metal products Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Cen, more than half of 2016 has passed. Can you share with us your company's development in the first half of the year

President Cen: in the first half of this year, after the Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition in March, we made a good start in the domestic market. Both products and promotion have been recognized by many customers. So on the whole, the first half of the year made a good start for this year, and I believe that with this momentum in the second half of the year, Stevie can have better development

home hotline: now customization is hot in all walks of life. All walks of life are talking about customization. Although we are making supporting products, I also want to ask you what do you think of customization

Mr. Cen: Although the size of our cabinet basket is standard, and there is not much customization, for us, according to the demand and development of this market, we really need to develop in the direction of customization. In this way, we can face consumers directly, understand whether our products meet the needs of consumers, what adjustments and collocations need to be made, and how to make customers better understand the different positioning and functions of our products, which can bring real use to them. We are currently considering the consumption needs of different consumers, the cost budget, and how to combine our products for sales and promotion

home hotline: since the beginning of 2016, "craftsman spirit" has been mentioned a lot, and it is also a very popular word. How do you view "craftsman spirit" and how does the company implement it in practical work

Mr. Cen: we are a production-oriented enterprise, and "craftsman spirit" is particularly important for us. Product quality is crucial for both production-oriented enterprises and brand enterprises. If the quality of the products produced by the enterprise is not well done, how to promote it in the later stage actually has no effect. Therefore, we have also made a lot of efforts in all aspects of production management this year, and made relatively large moves to rectify and reform our production line, including the quality control system, which is also constantly improving, striving to make progress, and being able to provide better and better products to our customers

home hotline: Guangzhou Construction Expo has been held for 18 years now. What blessings do you have for Cen? Finally, please briefly talk about your company's future development plan

President Cen: Zhu Jianbo is getting better and better. I hope it can create a better and better platform for us. For our future, we hope to build a new platform around the current market trends and the needs of customers in all aspects, which is what we plan to do in the future

home hotline: Thank you, Mr. Cen, for accepting our interview. I wish Stevie a better and better future





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