One day in the wild

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One day in the wild

The Sino-UK documentary Earth: One Amazing Day features 38 wild species from 22 countries. [Photo provided to China Daily]

First Sino-UK film after 2015 coproduction treaty is set for release in China. Xu Fan reports.

Chinese director Fan Lixin found it challenging to work with animals in Earth: One Amazing Day.

British directors Richard Dale and Peter Webber and he have directed the nature film.

"They (the animals in the movie) are from remote areas where it is difficult to reach. But even after you've gone there, it's hard to find them," Fan says in a recent interview in Beijing.

As the first Sino-UK film after a coproduction treaty signed by the two countries in 2015, the 100-minute film has been produced by BBC Earth Films and SMG Pictures, a Shanghai company.

With a crew of some 100 from China and Britain, the film took 142 days of shooting and three years of editing from more than 12,000 DVDs that capture footage in the wild.

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