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Shrink film labels with different shapes and their manufacturing processes

due to different bottle types, the shrinkage processes of different bottle bodies have different points of attention

at present, the shrinkage process mainly includes water bath method, electric heating method and steam method. From the perspective of practice, steam process has more advantages in terms of shrinkage effect and production efficiency

bottle type with small upper part and large lower part. This bottle type is mostly used in peanut butter, milk, fruit juice and other food industries. When this kind of bottle type is used for trademark heat shrinkage, the best scheme is to use steam process. First, shrink the bottom, and make the shrinkage stress reach the maximum value, so as to prevent the upward displacement of the trademark caused by the upward vector stress generated in the process of upper shrinkage, resulting in the defect that the trademark at the lower part of the bottle body cannot be covered

bottle type with large upper part and small lower part. This bottle type is mostly used in cup-shaped instant noodles, ice cream and other industries. This kind of cup type has the characteristics of smooth surface and no protrusion. Generally, empty packaging electrothermal process is used for trademark shrinkage. Since the position of the heat source cannot be adjusted, the shrinkage process is carried out at the top and bottom at the same time. At this time, the label will move down due to the vector stress generated in the shrinkage process. This phenomenon can be fundamentally eliminated by changing the shape of the local cup body

bottle type with large two ends and small middle. This bottle type is mostly used in milk, beverage and other industries. This kind of bottle type generally adopts steam process. If the electrothermal process is used, it is difficult to control, and it is difficult to avoid the label moving to the middle. When using steam, it is also necessary to follow the sequence of lower middle upper safety device to shrink. If the surface of the bottle body is smooth without longitudinal stripes, in order to avoid the accumulation of air in the middle of the label, several air holes should be punched on the surface of the label

bottle type with small ends and large middle. This type of bottle type is also mostly used in the beverage industry. This type of bottle type generally adopts steam process and shrinks in the order of "middle lower upper" to ensure the accuracy of label position

as a label packaging material, heat shrinkable film has unique advantages: saving forest resources, reducing costs, moisture-proof, sanitary, easy to use; The packaged goods are beautiful, space-saving, and suitable for mass production. They are increasingly used by various products

the materials used for heat shrinkable films are mainly various thermoplastic films. At first, PVC shrinkable films were mainly used. With the continuous development of market demand, PVC shrinkable films gradually decreased, while various PE, PP, pet, OPP, PVDC, POF and other multi-layer coextrusion heat shrinkable films developed rapidly and became the mainstream of the market

pvc film label hand-held operator enables the pendulum to stop empty beating once (without placing the sample), which has excellent inking performance, can be made into different colors, durability, tear resistance, softness, chemical corrosion resistance, transparency and heat shrinkage. It is widely used in the packaging of beverages and daily necessities. However, PVC materials contain chlorine, so the ring test standard specification is poor

polypropylene (OPP) pearlescent film label is an environmental protection product, which has the characteristics of bright printing color, strong covering power and good rolling smoothness. It is especially suitable for high-speed automatic labeling machine and is widely used in the outer packaging of Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and other beverages

polyethylene is recognized as a non-toxic material, especially suitable for commodity labels in food, medicine, beverage and other industries. The high transparent polyethylene heat shrinkable label printing film is made from the high transparent polyethylene heat shrinkable film as the base material and processed with the internationally advanced flexible printing plate brush. It adopts a special formula to replace the conventional low-density polyethylene resin heavy packaging material, and is made into a high transparent, good processing performance and strong, so as to prevent data loss caused by forgetting to save the disk; High degree heat shrinkable film. Achieve "body fitting" packaging, so that the goods have a distinctive appearance

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