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"Shouzheng No.3" shield machine was successfully launched

at 9:58 a.m. on June 8, with the "Shouzheng No.3" shield machine slowly rotating the cutter head, the shield machine for the left line between Xueyuan East Road station and Qingfeng Road Station in bid 07 of Xuzhou Rail Transit Line 1 phase I project undertaken by China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau was successfully launched, marking that the "longest" bid section of Rail Transit Line 1 phase I project entered the rapid progress stage of interval shield construction. As for the current situation, according to liuzhiyong, the manager of the project department, Xueqing section starts at the west end of Xueyuan East Road station, and the line is laid under the green belt on the south side of Heping Avenue. The traffic flow of urban trunk roads along the line is large, residential, commercial areas and buildings are dense, and the construction risk is large. The soil covering between shield areas is shallow. Medium nickel material is the best path for economical and applicable electric vehicles at present, and there are upper and lower rock strata. The section bus is 714 meters long, and the longitudinal slope of the tunnel line is designed as a "human" slope, with a slope length of 270 meters and a maximum longitudinal slope of 9%.; The tunnel crown is covered with soil from 6.6m to 9.8m. The clear spacing between the left and right lines is 3.0m to 7.8m, and a connecting channel is set in the section

according to the introduction, shield construction has the advantages of high safety, high degree of automation, labor saving, fast construction speed, one-time tunneling, not affected by the climate and so on. "Shouzheng No.3" zte6410 earth pressure balance shield machine integrates light, machinery, electricity, hydraulics, sensing and information technology. It has the functions of excavating and cutting soil, transporting soil ballast, assembling tunnel lining, automatic measurement, guidance and deviation correction, and involves various technologies such as geology, civil engineering, machinery, mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, control and measurement. It is the basic technology to promote the innovation and development of enterprises, The design and transformation of "tailored" can be carried out according to different geology

Liu Zhiyong said that the "Shouzheng 3" shield machine is the first domestic zte6410 earth pressure balance shield machine with completely independent intellectual property rights in Xuzhou Rail Transit Line 1 phase I project, with a single day tunneling speed of 12 meters

it is reported that two shield machines "Shouzheng No. 3" and "Shouzheng No. 4" will be used to advance in the same direction in Xueqing section. The "Shouzheng 3" shield machine entered the site on May 20 and began to hoist into the shaft. The installation and commissioning work was completed on June 5. The pre departure condition acceptance was passed on June 7. The shield construction of the left line in Xueqing section is expected to be completed in October this year; The "Shouzheng 4" shield machine on the right line of Xueqing section has also entered the installation stage and is expected to start in early July

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