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Development advantages of plastic packaging for liquid milk

with the rapid development of liquid milk and the development of new varieties in China, the packaging of products is becoming more and more important. At present, in the process of selecting liquid milk packaging materials, many dairy processing enterprises prematurely sentenced the "death penalty" of plastic packaging due to "white pollution". Regardless of their own conditions and market demand, they tried to cancel plastic flexible packaging and desperately put on some high-cost "paper" packaging, which is an undesirable development idea. At present, with the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, Plastic packaging still plays an important role in the food industry

according to the survey of food packaging containers conducted by an American market research company, the annual growth rate of paper containers, metal containers, glass containers and plastic containers in the past five years (years) is 3.2%, 2.5%, 0.5% and 5.5%, respectively, By 2003, plastic packaging accounted for nearly 30% of the total market of food packaging containers. A the driving force for the high growth of the plastic packaging container market lies in the improvement of resin and its processing methods and the expansion of recycling. At the same time, it is also related to many factors, such as the reduction of material production costs and the continuous improvement of product performance and production efficiency

according to the prediction of China's authoritative departments, in the next two years, the sales of plastic flexible packaging in the food industry will exceed nearly 50% of the sales of the packaging industry. It is expected that the overall development speed of flexible packaging will be slightly faster than that of the overall national products

due to the excellent impermeability, UV linearity, freezing resistance and heat resistance of the improved plastic materials, the application market is broad, especially in the beverage and dairy industry. The application of plastics in aseptic packaging provides a development space for plastic packaging materials. At the same time, the improvement of plastic packaging materials will also promote the development of aseptic packaging in China

from the perspective of environmental protection: China's state environmental protection administration clearly stipulates in the definition of disposable fast food drinking utensils: materials that are easy to be recycled, such as polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), biaxially stretched polystyrene sheet products, and polypropylene filled with high filling amount of natural inorganic minerals, are listed in the list of environmental protection profiles as innovative model projects of Sino Russian economic cooperation. At present, most of the plastic materials used for liquid milk packaging in China are environmental friendly materials

judging from the development trend of international food packaging, five of the top ten development directions of food packaging in the United States are mainly plastic packaging, the first of which is that for most of these new packaging specifications, raw materials based on petrochemical products are mainly used; Third, plastic cans and bottles will replace glass products and, in some cases, metal products. At the same time, they will reduce packaging costs by improving the performance of packaging materials, rather than unilaterally pursuing price reduction; Light packaging will continue to make progress; Promotion of filling packaging, etc. It can be seen from this that the development prospect of plastic packaging in the food industry is very broad

Hunan Wanrong Packaging Co., Ltd. proposed the advocacy of "cherish resources and strive to simplify dairy packaging". This action is undoubtedly in line with the current trend and will also promote the healthy development of China's liquid milk packaging industry. The company is positioned as a professional dairy packaging service provider. Its products mainly use plastic as the base material, and continue to research, develop and improve the barrier, shading, matte milk film, pearlescent milk film, milky milk film, cooking milk film, PP, hips yogurt cup, three-layer coextrusion PS sheet, heat sealing cup cover film, providing a series of solutions for dairy raw GFRP anchor tensile testing machine in addition to the detection of this material, and liquid milk packaging of foreign enterprises

at present, in the secondary development of plastic packaging for liquid milk, we should overcome various factors that hinder the development of plastic packaging materials, such as serious structural assimilation of plastic packaging materials, weak scientific and technological development ability, insufficient sources of funds, and take the road of high and new technology to develop more and better new products. In choosing the packaging of liquid milk, dairy processing enterprises not only rely on their own market, product positioning and the principles of "safety, convenience and low price", but also consider the development trend and relevant policies of international and domestic food packaging markets. To sum up, the application of plastic packaging materials in liquid milk packaging with its functionality, environmental protection, light weight and low cost will undoubtedly have a broad prospect. It is believed that after a period of great integration, the dairy industry will develop more healthily, and plastic packaging will also be continuously improved and developed in the dairy packaging industry

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