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Xiuqiang shares: household appliance glass is growing steadily, and the structure is adjusted. Solar glass is ready to go.

xiuqiang glass company is the leader in the household appliance glass industry, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of glass deep-processing products, including household appliance glass, solar glass, construction glass, etc. The market share of the company's shelf/cover glass in 2009 was 31. 7%, and the market share of color crystal glass is 38. 33%, ranking first

adjust the structure of home appliance glass, and focus on the development of color crystal glass. With the promotion of national policies to promote the development of household appliances and the promotion of market demand for household appliances renewal and product upgrading, it is expected that the demand for color crystal glass will maintain a steady growth of about 10% in the future. With the company's 1.5 million square meter production line put into operation, we expect the company's capacity of color crystal glass 10 experimental force sensor to remain at 240/2.6/2.8 million square meters in 12 years, with the corresponding output of 200/234/2.52 million square meters, and the output growth rate of 62. 4%、7。 7%、7。 1%, and the proportion of income will remain at about 32% in 12 years

transparent crystalline silicon solar cell packaging glass is an important driving force for growth. At present, there are 17 in China. 4gw new capacity of solar cells for high-end refining and engineering plastics, including a total of 1 projects planned to be completed from 2009 to 2010. GW。

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