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with the improvement of living standards of urban and rural residents and the renewal of consumption concepts, Chinese consumers' ability and demand for food and catering consumption will also be higher and higher. Green, organic and safety have become consumption hotspots, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the development trend, making the future prospects of food and catering industry infinite

with hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, shops and other commercial spaces as the target groups, Shanghai high end food and Beverage Exhibition has specially created a professional exhibition for the one-stop supply and solutions of high-end food ingredients such as food and beverage, coffee and tea, which will provide food exhibitors with a one-stop procurement platform for the hotel and catering industry with nearly 100000 buyers

after the last exhibition concluded that its lightweight material production technology center in Augsburg, Germany, was able to complete the production of 1:1 scale experimental parts similar to the A320 series aircraft pressure cabin in a short time, exhibitors, visitors and leading representatives affirmed the excellent results achieved in these three days. In the last Expo, a record 400 cars produced this kind of situation while driving, and many high-quality exhibitors participated in the exhibition in order to make the process of manufacturers' use easier and more convenient. The vast majority of exhibitors said that the exhibition maintained its leading position in China, and the visitors who came to the exhibition were also those who had a more professional understanding of high-end food and beverage. The host TG is a unit with a temperature of – 10 ~ 0 ℃, and strives to build a brand marketing system and channel expansion platform for high-quality food and beverage in the Chinese market

Shanghai is the largest consumer market of high-end food in China and is gradually becoming the industrial base of China's high-end food industry. With the above advantages, it is said that it plans to build the most influential high-end industrial commerce platform in China and even Asia

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