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On September 26, 2012 China International Electric Power and electrical exhibition was grandly opened in China International Exhibition Center (Beijing). The exhibition attracted more than 800 exhibitors from home and abroad, with an unprecedented scale. As a well-known solution provider of intelligent equipment solutions in the industry, Shenzhen jinhongwei Technology Co., Ltd. also made a wonderful appearance. The exquisite booth and unique exhibits reflect the application innovative solutions everywhere, and won the high attention of many leaders, industry experts and industry friends present

white with blue, the unique design of round top and the foil of green plants make Jin Hongwei's new regulations add six kinds of materials as starting materials or processing aids for plastics in contact with food, and the booth is eye-catching. People with electrician operation knowledge stopped one after another and walked into the exhibition hall to find out. The booth is divided into four exhibition areas: intelligent power distribution, intelligent substation, new energy solutions and agricultural solutions. Centering on the theme of serving power innovation, jinhongwei exhibited products related to smart electricity with the company's most cutting-edge core technologies, including collectors, concentrators, industrial Ethernet switches, EPON, FTU, DTU, TTU, smart switches and controllers, new energy core modules, HD networking high-speed balls, HD but fixed cameras in these processes, etc

in the exhibition area of intelligent power distribution, the commentators of the company are explaining the overall solution of intelligent power distribution to the audience. Facing the enthusiastic audience, the commentator explained in detail that: for example, the collector with ONU communication module can not only simplify the group scheme, but also replace the meter reader, and automatically upload the data collected in the residential energy meter to the background of the system for processing, so that the meter reader can bid farewell to the years of copying, and residents can also use electricity for nothing. Commentators said that in terms of power distribution products, jinhongwei focuses on practical innovation

the gray smart switch on the booth also attracted the high attention of many visitors, who said that jinhongwei is a rare supplier in the industry that can integrate primary and secondary equipment

in the exhibition area of intelligent substation, a person in charge talked about the characteristics of industrial communication and video surveillance: there are many suppliers of communication and video surveillance in the industry, but most of the suppliers' products are developed for operators and traffic users, and their products are not adaptable to electricity. Our industrial communication and video monitoring products focus on Power Research and development. Industrial communication products are applied not only in the field of power distribution, but also in the field of intelligent substation. Video monitoring products are not only applied in unattended substations, but also adapt to electricity business halls, distribution rooms, transmission lines, etc. the product design conforms to electricity regulations and fully meets the unique needs of electricity users. In a word, in this regard, jinhongwei pursues the electrification of products and solutions

from 2010 to 2012, strengthening the construction of smart electricity was written into the work report of the Chinese government three times and included in the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan. Lu Qinghu, vice president of the company, said: the construction of smart electricity has a bright future, and the main fields of our company's independent products are secondary equipment and communication systems in the fields of power transformation, distribution and power consumption, which is the focus and core of smart electricity construction. Therefore, we are quite confident in the growth of the company and are willing to further promote the wide application of smart electricity business to real life

it is reported that jinhongwei has more than 10 years of experience in power construction. It is mainly committed to three business areas: power intelligent technology and services, new energy technology and services, and information technology services. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and services. Jinhongwei covers the technical fields from data acquisition, communication transmission to system application, and the overall solution provided fully meets the development requirements of smart electricity. At present, jinhongwei has carried out comprehensive cooperation with national power, Nanfang power and other companies, hoping to make greater contributions to the promotion of smart electricity, energy conservation and environmental protection in the spirit of continuous innovation

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