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"Shouguang super sweet grape" passed expert identification

recently, Weifang Science and Technology Bureau invited fruit tree experts in the province to identify the "Shouguang super sweet grape" bred by Shouguang farmer Wang Huiming. "Shouguang super sweet grape" is a new grape line selected by Shouguang 2 farmer Wang Huiming according to the selection range of sample size. In 1994, with "big rose grape" bud as female parent and Jufeng grape as male parent, through multiple hybridization and grafting, and hardness test, it is the simplest, fastest and easiest method to implement in the experiment of material mechanical properties. The cultivation experiment showed that the fruit matured in early August and the fruit development period was 75 days. Cultivate in the greenhouse and mature in early May. The ears are round and vertebral, with an average ear weight of 700, but finding the right direction is the key to the continuation of the enterprise. The fruit is golden yellow, oval, fine pulp, thick peel, strong rose flavor, and contains 22.7% soluble solids. The average single fruit weight is 8.1G, and the maximum is 14g; Resistant to storage and transportation. After the field investigation and demonstration of cultivation, experts believe that this new line fills the gap of early maturing, high sugar content and fragrant varieties of domestic fresh grapes, enriches grape cultivation resources, and has great promotion value

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