Developers flocked to raise prices for Poly Real e

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Property market warming developers flocked to raise prices Poly Real estate rose 30% in March

property market warming developers flocked to raise prices Poly Real estate rose 30% in March

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Guide: the long lost scene reappears, as if back in 2009: the sales office was crowded with people waving money, their faces hung with anxious expressions, like buying cabbage to grab a house. This situation is transmitted to developers, and the result is a rise in prices. Beijing Daxing real estate poly spring, a month

the scene of long absence reappears, as if back in 2009: the sales office was crowded with people waving money, with anxious expressions on their faces, like buying cabbage to rob a house. This situation is transmitted to developers, and the result is a rise in prices

in the spring of Poly Real Estate in Daxing, Beijing, the price was raised by 1000 yuan in a month. From the final transaction data, the average transaction price of this real estate in June was nearly 600 yuan higher than that in May, and the average transaction price in early July was 1000 yuan higher than that in June. Since the recovery of Beijing property market, the prices of buildings with good opening sales in the early stage have been raised one after another, which may fall behind. According to statistics, at least 17 buildings in Beijing have raised prices

a developer who has been selling the top real estate in a district of Beijing for several months told: if everyone rises, we have to follow suit

house prices are flying

at the end of June, I received a sale from poly spring. The sale asked me to hurry to choose a house. Now the average price is 14000 yuan, and I will raise the price again if I don't come. At the end of April, the average selling price of poly spring was 12000 yuan

in just two months, the property market has warmed up. Have developers turned

at the end of April, the spring in poly spring has not come yet. At that time, the real estate also needed to use the down payment installment to attract customers. A sales agent said: if it is the first time to buy a house, you can pay half of the down payment first, and then sign a contract with the developer to pay the remaining 25% down payment in three installments within the remaining nine months. If it is the second suite, you need to pay 10% down payment for the first time. Customers only need to pay the first down payment, and the remaining down payment will be advanced by the developer, and then enter the loan process. After a few months, the building was capped, and the bank also lent

it may be because the marketing of half of the down payment was in place. At that time, I saw a lot of customers in the sales office. The salesperson said that in just three days, more than 2000 people have received free house purchase cards, more than 1000 people have paid interest money, while there are only more than 600 houses. At that time, you need to wave numbers to buy a house

but what's interesting is that the lower computer can transmit parameters, data processing, curve drawing number, etc. before arranging the number, the price of the real estate has been announced from 11500 yuan/square meter, but half of the down payment has been publicized. I don't know whether the price of the real estate has changed from 12000 yuan/square meter because the number of customers summoned exceeds the imagination of the developer. In the face of customers' complaints, the salesperson said that there was no way. There were too many interested people, so they could only raise the price. Now, the company still thinks that the price may be set low. At that time, there were 11500 yuan starting price houses in this real estate, but the number was small, which was criticized as "lack of sincerity". The sale of this real estate also said that this is the only real estate in Beijing that poly can pay the down payment in installments

just after 1000 people waited for the number of 600 houses, they only took out less than 300 houses at the opening

according to statistics, the average transaction price of poly in spring was 13714 yuan in May, 14372 yuan in June, and 15408 yuan as of July 8. These prices are far from 11500 yuan in the publicity before the opening of phase I

a consumer who bought a house in poly spring in early June said that he bought a basic house type with an area of more than 80 square meters, and the final transaction price was more than 13000 yuan/square meter. At the end of June, the sales told that the 84 square meter house type has been sold out since 14000 yuan, and the price will rise again in July. Come and buy it quickly. In early July, it was learned from the sales office that the 84 square meter apartment in phase I had been sold out, and the average price of 95 square meter apartment had risen to 15500 yuan

according to the latest publicity of the building: Poly spring (buildings 3, 4, 7 and 8 in phase II) is expected to open in mid to late July, with an average price of about 15000 yuan/square meter, and the house type is square meter

is life easier

the relevant person of Poly Real Estate implicitly said that poly Beijing has exceeded the sales in the first half of the year, which may have something to do with the price rise of the real estate

according to the statistics of Beijing Zhongyuan market research department, the real estate market in Beijing continued to recover month on month in July. In the first eight days of July, there were 28 residential projects with more than 20 units sold and ranked among the top 100 best-selling residential projects in the city in June. Among the 28 projects, 17 projects had an increase in the average sales price, accounting for 61% of the total number of projects, accounting for more than 60%. However, it is not only in the spring of poly, especially in the steel experiment in the metallurgical industry, that the price of design needs to rise. Even high-end real estate also shows signs of price rise. According to Savills statistics: in the second quarter, the average transaction price of grade a apartments increased by 1.2% month on month to 57666 yuan per square meter; The price of high-end villas increased by 4.1% month on month, reaching 39264 yuan per square meter

Wang Qiong, the director of Savills, analyzed that even if it rose, it would not be like that in 2009. Many real estate projects rose by 20% at a time, and the background was different. For example, at that time, it was very common for the first set of loans to have a discount of 7%, but now it is only 8.5%. And a developer told: if everyone rises, we have to follow suit. But he also added: if we want to rise now, we will only rise a little. He felt that once most of the buildings were sold well, if the price was low at first, it was understandable to increase a little according to the practice that the market-oriented spray free technology could save costs. However, there is no market for too much growth. After all, there are basically only rigid demand and improved housing now. If it soars like in 2009, the final outcome is a sharp decline

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