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Shougang Motoman will make its debut at the 2011 Chongqing international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition

in order to speed up the development of the automobile industry, improve automobile manufacturing technology, and promote the western region to undertake the international automobile industry, the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is also mostly transferred between 50% and 100%, so as to develop the automobile equipment manufacturing industry, The 2011 China (Chongqing) international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition with the theme of boosting the development of Western automobile industry will be grandly held in Chongqing Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center on September

impact testing machine is often used to detect the resistance of metal materials and improve the quality of materials. It is a Sino Japanese joint venture company that specializes in the design of industrial robots and automatic production lines. Only plastic bottle manufacturers who have been engaged in relevant production for a long time will know more about the manufacturing and sales. Shougang Motoman robot Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing customers with high performance, high precision Robot products with high reliability are widely used in arc welding, spot welding, gluing, cutting, handling, stacking, painting, scientific research and teaching. Its Motoman series robots are famous for their complete varieties, complete specifications, reasonable structure, excellent performance, powerful functions and ultra-high cost performance

in the automotive industry, which requires high technical content, Motoman has also been highly recognized by the majority of users with its innovative product concept and perfect solutions. Motoman pays high attention to the development of the Western automotive industry, and Chongqing is also one of the few cities where the company has set up offices in China. At the Chongqing auto equipment exhibition, Motoman booked an exhibition area of 120 square meters, and will carry a variety of robot products to launch a heavy attack, comprehensively demonstrating Motoman's perfect solutions in the automotive industry

at that time, please visit booth C1, hall 1C, Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center on September for more detailed product information

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