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"2014 Xuandong ICT China Tour" Kunming station made a wonderful debut

Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solution supplier, held a 2014 Xuandong ICT China tour of Huawei enterprise ICT solutions in Kunming on June 16. The exhibition comprehensively displayed Huawei's innovative ICT solutions, attracting more than 100 customers, partners and industry experts from government, education, health care, power, transportation, finance, radio and television, large enterprises and other industries. The exhibition tour created a good communication platform for Yunnan government and enterprise industry customers, partners and industry experts. With the help of theme conferences and on-site exhibition vehicles, the guests and Huawei experts had an in-depth discussion and sharing around the hot technologies such as agile networks and data centers, and how to help Yunnan's information construction and industrial upgrading through the innovation and transformation of ICT core technologies

Lu Li, representative of Huawei Kunming Representative Office in China, addressed the conference. Lu Li said: enterprise business is Huawei's strategic growth point and main development direction. Huawei's enterprise business in China has grown rapidly in the past three years, and Huawei has achieved scale improvement in all walks of life. Huawei enterprise ICT solutions have been widely used in various industries in Yunnan Province. In the past two years, Huawei has undertaken the construction of the first phase of the information system of the Yunnan Provincial Prison Administration, the Yunnan Provincial National Tax business tax to value-added tax system, the information construction of the Yunnan Provincial Department of health, the disaster recovery project of the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of statistics, the cloud data center of Yunnan Metallurgical Group, the cloud computing system of Yunnan Baiyao group, and the video conference system of the Yunnan Higher People's court, Yunnan Provincial procuratorate video conference system, Yunnan Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce video conference system, Yunnan Provincial Department of health video conference system, Yunnan Provincial Local Taxation Bureau backbone network and backup network, Yunnan Provincial Power Company backbone network system, Yunnan rural credit cooperatives production system, radio and television 100g OTN backbone, Yunnan Eastern Airlines base network construction project, subway phase I and line 6 network transmission system, guangfucheng smart community

the picture shows Lu Li, the representative of Huawei Kunming Representative Office in China, delivering an opening speech

innovative ICT products help the construction of smart Yunnan

with the rapid economic and social development, the urban scale is expanding day by day, and urban diseases that only appear in some super cities are becoming increasingly apparent in our lives. How to solve the problems of urban development and create a happy and livable living environment

through the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by informatization, the promotion of next-generation Internet architecture, mobile Internet and IOT is an opportunity to make informatization and urbanization highly integrated. The application of informatization in social management, government affairs, emergency disaster prevention, public services and other fields will gradually build smart government affairs, smart people's livelihood and smart industries, so as to drive urban operation intelligently in many aspects, so as to improve the livable level of the city, improve the urban living environment and improve the happiness index

the picture shows the speech of the leaders of Yunnan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission

now the urban residents of our province have experienced the convenience brought by some smart cities in many aspects of their daily life, such as government, police E-PASS, digital urban management, digital medical treatment, etc. Next, we should string these information construction into a chain, and gradually realize the full coverage of intelligent applications in urban management. Haoguoqiang, head of Huawei's enterprise business department, said that Huawei will continue to invest in Yunnan, focus on key industries, rely on Huawei's advantages in technological innovation and product development, and strive to become the best innovation partner in the informatization of government and enterprise industries in Yunnan Province, work together to build a benign industrial ecosystem and help customers' informatization construction For smart Yunnan Construction wear-resistant modified engineering plastics can provide a lower friction coefficient to reduce the wear rate

Huawei ICT star products have gathered to show off that ICT has trained more than 2400 non academic students in Mongolia; More than 30 credit courses have been offered for undergraduates of the Chinese Department of Mongolian University. Kunming Station of China Travel

this tour uses the most advanced mobile exhibition vehicle in China. The all red car body is high-end and atmospheric, and the internal layout is simple and clear. In a limited space, Huawei's latest products are gathered in four exhibition areas: streamlined it, agile network, efficient collaboration, and wireless elte

enterprise business exhibition car

Huawei agile network: the detection of subway doors and so on makes the network more agile for business services

Huawei agile switch s12700 can realize business agile deployment; The unique super virtual switching SVF and zero deviation detection IPCA technology realize agile management; Through full programmable chip ENP and one machine biplane design, the evolution agility is realized. Huawei data center switch ce12800 adapts to the diverse needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprise data centers, interconnected data centers and high-end parks. The agile park security solution will be extended on the next generation of usg6000 series firewall products without noise and interruption, providing full protection capabilities of security resource pooling, remote call of security policies and full rapid response. Huawei ar511 has strong wireless capabilities, integrating LTE, GPS and WiFi; It can innovate multimedia services and support audio/video playback, with industrial reliability design. Huawei's Gigabit access to ap7030de not only has industry-leading performance, but also supports hardware smart antennas and Huawei's unique high-density access technology to meet the growing demand for high-density video streaming in the next generation of wireless networks

Huawei IT products: streamline it agile business path

Huawei demonstrated Huawei oceanstor9000 big data storage system at the exhibition tour site, which is the industry's first fully integrated architecture for storage, analysis and induction; The newly released four-way key business server rh5885h V3 has 53 Ras features comparable to minicomputers; Fusioncube, the fastest cloud computing infrastructure in the industry, is deeply integrated with computing, networking, storage and management; And the only microdc micro data center solution in the industry that provides branch architecture and integrated management solutions

Huawei it has been grinding a sword for ten years. After more than ten years of hard work, since entering the enterprise in 12 years, Huawei has achieved comprehensive leading results in the storage Chinese market in 2013. The number of units shipped in the Chinese market has been the first for four consecutive quarters, and the number of Huawei servers shipped in China is the top three

Huawei unified communication: efficient collaboration and integration of video

Huawei video's latest generation of video conference system: TE SERIES HD terminals, new three screen smart, fully adaptive MCU and other products are committed to improving user experience. The newly launched te series products continue Huawei te30's humanized design concept of putting user experience first, making it easier for people to enjoy higher quality audio communication, thereby improving work and communication efficiency

Huawei elte: make the city smarter

Huawei elte professional broadband multimedia trunking communication solution can provide industry customers with a unified, reliable, high-performance broadband trunking system that meets the requirements of voice, data, video and other multimedia integrated services. As of March 2014, Huawei has built 46 elte industry specialties around the world, serving Nanjing government affairs, Zhengzhou metro, Tianjin port, Zhuhai Power and other projects, covering government, energy, transportation, power and other industries, and providing leading elte solutions for smart cities, smart parks, rail informatization, etc. In Beijing, the capital, Huawei's elte solution is also widely used, and it is a guarantee escort for the 2014 two sessions test

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