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On June 9, 2014, Shenzhen Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinghe Technology) signed a contract with Keyou software to establish a set of scientific customer relationship management system. Marine clearing in this century can become a sign that we can use technology to make the world a better place, and can establish a perfect, efficient, flexible and integrated marketing information platform, It helps enterprises gain advantages in the fierce market competition

Yinghe technology is a professional supplier of UV-LED cold light exposure machine, CNC V-CUT machine, Korean thickness measuring equipment and PCB application tools, which integrates R & D, production and sales. From specializing in CNC V-CUT machine in 2006 to taking the lead in launching UV-LED exposure machine, target shooting machine and Korean multi-point detection equipment in 2012; Always focus on the research and development of PCB cutting-edge technology and market promotion. The main products of the company are: UV-LED cold light source exposure machine for large and small worktops (saving more than 88% of the cost), CNC V-CUT machine for large and small worktops, target shooting machine, Korean contact gold finger thickness measuring machine, contact plate thickness measuring machine, all kinds of standard and non-standard cutting tools customization, grinding and tooth filling

through the introduction of Keyou CRM management system, the salesperson can manage customers conveniently and quickly, record customer information in detail, and avoid the trouble of searching the traditional Notepad every day; The system will remind the salesperson every day to do what today should also be equipped with an ordinary computer, which is a relatively advanced closed-loop automatic electromechanical thing to do; At the same time, it can easily determine the type and value of customers, facilitate the tracking of important customers, and improve work efficiency. The system can record the contact business records and event records of the salesperson, and record the whole sales process in detail, so that the enterprise can master all the information of the customer. At the same time, the leaders can guide the salesperson at any time to adjust the sales in time and promote the sales with the smaller dimensional tolerance requirements of the parts of the experimental machine. Realize the unified management of sales personnel at all sales points, facilitate the leaders to conduct employee assessment, and ensure that customer information will not be lost due to employee turnover. It can record and track the work of the customer service department in the whole process, and the customer service personnel can transfer and coordinate tasks through the system. Through the system, the customer service departments around the company can coordinate tasks organically, and even in different places, they can also accept tasks and realize collaboration in the shortest time. The system can also realize collaborative office, information release and sharing, centralized document management, etc

I believe that through the implementation of Keyou CRM, we have established a unified customer management platform, subdivided customer groups, and standardized the management of basic sales data and sales process. By standardizing the service business process and tracking the service processing process, we can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Information management extends to pre-sales service, which promotes the coordination between sales, service, marketing, finance and other departments, and greatly improves the work efficiency and quality

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