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Shougang makes "made in China" shine in Peru

25 years ago, Shougang Corporation obtained 98.4% of the shares of Peruvian iron ore company and the permanent mining rights, exploration rights and management rights of mineral resources in its 670.7 square kilometer mining right area through competitive bidding, and established Shougang secret iron company (hereinafter referred to as "Shougang secret iron") to operate. After 25 years, malcona, where the mining area is located, has developed from a fishing village town to a prosperous city. As a pillar enterprise in the city, Shougang has been paving the way for "made in China" to settle in Peru, and has also allowed many Chinese enterprises to "borrow ships to sea" and successfully enter the Latin American market

Shougang Mianyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. - domestic machinery and equipment are the first choice for procurement.

a set of data has witnessed the development of Shougang Mianyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd.: Shougang has successively invested nearly US $1.5 billion in equipment renewal, technical transformation, environmental governance, living quarters improvement and expansion projects of Shougang Mianyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd; The output of Peru railway increased from less than 3million tons when it was first taken over in 1992 to 11.12 million tons in 2015; As of September 2016, the total output of Shougang's Sichuan iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was 166.23 million tons, with a sales revenue of $8.16 billion. Many of the equipment they have contributed to their neutrality is "made in China". Over the past 25 years, the domestic equipment they have purchased is worth nearly US $500million. Kong Aimin, general manager of Shougang Peru railway, said in an interview: "in recent years, domestic equipment has become our first choice for procurement. As the first mining enterprise invested by China in South America, we are willing to be an 'incubator' for Chinese enterprises to go out and create conditions for production capacity cooperation between China and Peru."

the author sees that the huge Shougang mystic iron mine is like a big step. 1: check the software based China equipment exhibition first. Large electric shovels from Taiyuan Heavy Industry, mining rigs from Hunan Hengyang machinery plant, ship loaders from Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd., ball mills from Luoyang heavy machinery plant, flotation machines and magnetic separators from Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute are all working hard. Pointing to the "Big Mac" shovel, Shi Jinbo, an after-sales service engineer of Taiyuan Heavy Industry, told the author that since 2008, Shougang Mysteel has purchased six such shovels with a total value of about US $20million, which has greatly promoted the export of the original heavy industry equipment that forms a lubricating film between the two friction surfaces

at present, Shougang Peru railway is expanding the new area. They adhere to the concepts of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and use advanced technology to unremittingly promote the export of Chinese equipment. "Taking advantage of its early entry into Peru, Shougang takes Peru railway as a window and strives to create conditions for Chinese products and enterprises to 'go global'." Jin Wei, chairman of Shougang Group, said when attending the APEC Entrepreneur Summit in Peru in November 2016

Chinese funded enterprises - join forces to participate in the production capacity cooperation between China and Peru

jointly developing resources with Chinese enterprises is a new measure for Shougang to carry forward the spirit of "mentoring" in recent years. In 2011, Shougang Mysteel and Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. jointly established Shouxin Peru Mining Co., Ltd. to jointly develop tailings containing copper, iron, gold, silver, cobalt and other metals in Mysteel. It is expected that the project will be put into operation in the first half of this year, with an annual output of 80000 tons of refined copper powder, and 350000 tons of refined iron powder, which refers to the high-speed return of the prefix 10 to the preset position after the experiment. Based on this, silver group registered and established fuldona company in Peru in February last year, which is engaged in non-ferrous metals, mineral products and other trade, beneficiation technology consulting services, and the business is booming

for Chinese enterprises registered in Peru, Shougang Peru Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is more timely to lend a helping hand. In 2014, Shougang Peru railway hired Sinohydro Peru to participate in the civil engineering and equipment installation of the new area, so that the latter successfully entered the mining industry in Peru

in addition, Shougang also actively participated in the production capacity cooperation between China and Peru, leading more Chinese enterprises to enter Peru. In December, 2013, the Chinalco Peru rutromoc copper mine project started trial production. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, the person in charge of the copper mine project made a special trip to the Shougang secret railway to "learn from" exchanges, and the Shougang secret railway told the whole story of his experience. Now this copper mine project has become the first Greenfield mine developed and constructed by China in Peru. As the largest copper mine project invested by China overseas, it is expected to provide about 2400 local jobs and create more than $1.5 billion in local revenue in the next 30 years

local residents - "Chinese companies have changed our lives"

in terms of production, Shougang Mysteel adheres to the "three principles". First, strict bidding and leading technology. In order to facilitate the transportation of ore, the whole mining area of Shougang Peru Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has installed an advanced belt transportation system with a total length of 24.89 kilometers, and its main equipment is "made in China". Second, step by step, not once and for all. This is not only the actual need of the mining plant, but also the need for equipment improvement. Third, recommend advanced equipment and excellent enterprises to enterprises in other countries in real time. Due to the reuse and recommendation of the "Bole" of Shougang, Taiyuan Heavy Industry was able to gain a foothold in Peru. Since then, it has been favored by similar enterprises in Chile, and soon successfully entered the Chilean market

Shougang Mitsui also told later enterprises how to do better with its own experience of many years of local cultivation. First, focus on benefiting the local people. By September of 2016, Shougang and Peru had paid a total of 1.34 billion US dollars in taxes to the Peruvian government in a more effective and stable way, creating more than 4500 direct and indirect jobs. In view of the serious pollution of the original Peruvian iron ore, Shougang Peru Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. invested more than US $66 million to build tailings pond, domestic sewage treatment plant and other environmental protection facilities, ending the situation that the production and domestic sewage and tailings in malcona have been directly discharged into the sea for 50 years. Second, carry out public welfare activities. Including providing water, electricity and telecommunication services for local residents; Provide housing for teachers, doctors and government personnel; Support and sponsor environmental protection, medical treatment, education, culture and sports activities; The first Chinese School in the mining area was opened, and all citizens of malcona can attend classes free of charge; Actively participate in earthquake relief, flood relief, etc. Since 2010, the total expenditure of Shougang and Mianyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. for corporate social performance has exceeded 10million US dollars

Cecilia, who has lived in malcona for more than 20 years, said: "Chinese companies have changed our lives. They not only keep us away from pollution, but also provide us with electricity, fresh water, free schools and modern housing. I hope my children can work for Chinese companies in the future."

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