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The first show of "cloud" trading Taizhou pump foreign trade enterprises try to open up new channels

the pump and motor industry is one of Taizhou's "seven hundred billion" industrial clusters. Wenling is one of the largest gathering places of pump and motor enterprises in China, with more than 2700 pump and motor enterprises and more than 200 pump and motor enterprises in the city, of which 4 are listed enterprises

the picture shows the production workshop of Taizhou Dazhao Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (picture provided by interviewees)

the pump and motor industry is one of the "seven hundred billion" industrial clusters in Taizhou. Wenling is one of the largest gathering places of pump and motor enterprises in China, with more than 2700 pump and motor enterprises and more than 200 pump and motor enterprises in the city, of which 4 are listed enterprises

relying on its own hard power, Taizhou pump industry has expanded its business to all parts of the world, and many enterprises have established perfect sales channels. The annual Canton Fair is one of the important channels for enterprises to expand new markets. During the interview, many enterprises said that after participating in more than a dozen Canton fairs, the "cloud" model was the first time. Testing the "cloud" transaction may open a "new world" for future sales ideas

two pronged approach, pump enterprises pay close attention to quality and performance

for most industries, product quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Excellent product quality is the best gold lettered signboard of the enterprise. 1. Maximum impact energy: 3j

Taizhou strobe Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "strobe pump") is one of the pump enterprises that put product quality in the first place. Wuqinping, manager of the company's foreign trade department, told that most of the company's orders come from overseas markets such as Europe and the Middle East, and has established long-term cooperative relations with wholesalers in many countries

"product quality is a major 'hero' in building a long-term supply channel with partners. Taking the company's main product stainless steel sewage pump series as an example, we abandoned the new mold that can save production costs and continued to use the traditional mold that can ensure the service life of products." Wu qinping revealed that this is a rare "subtraction" in the production and operation of enterprises, but the service life of this product is 1 to 2 years longer than that of similar products produced by new molds. With this, giant pump has won many orders in recent years

the products of Zhejiang Zhonghang water pump Co., Ltd. are mainly sold to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Lu Lulu, a salesman of the company, said that most of the deep well pumps sold to the Middle East are household pumps, which have high requirements for product performance and quality. By optimizing the operation performance of products in most of the countries along the line for less developed countries, the deep well pumps produced by China and Hangzhou not only effectively reduce the energy and mechanical loss in work, but also improve the service life of products, and establish a stable supply chain in the Middle East

in order to firmly grasp the market, Taizhou pump industry has continuously invested time and money while ensuring product quality. Researchers at the University of California have developed a fake coating called reflectin A1 (RFA1) to upgrade product performance. "Our products are produced in accordance with European quality standards and continue to improve quality and performance." Wang Yin, sales manager of Leo Group Zhejiang Pump Co., Ltd., said that the R & D and upgrading of products has always been one of the priorities of enterprises. Because of this, Leo can gain a firm foothold in the household and commercial pump industry in Europe, Africa and other regions

new products come out, and the trade fair is a new "press conference"

for most Taizhou pump enterprises, the Canton Fair is not only a trade fair based on orders, but also a high-quality platform to launch enterprise brands and display new products

"we hope that through this Canton Fair, we can promote this year's new products and let more customers know the company's' private customization 'service." Wu qinping said that the upgrading of pump products is not fast, but according to the different working environment, the segmentation of pump products is very complex, and enterprises will customize products according to customer needs. Taking the stainless steel sewage pump series as an example, the company has developed more than ten kinds of stainless steel sewage pump products after several years of targeted research and development, in response to the UV absorber in hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), which can directly absorb harmful radiation in various working environments like sunscreen 1

more than one company plans to bring new products to the Canton Fair. Taizhou Jiadi Pump Co., Ltd. is ready to warm up its new products with the "east wind" of the Canton Fair. "The solar water pump project has been approved for research and development, which is one of the company's key research and development projects this year. Through the comprehensive transformation of product energy supply and other systems, the most popular AC motor has been changed into DC motor." Guan bingou, head of the company's foreign trade department, said that the solar water pump belongs to the cutting-edge field in the current industry. After the product is launched, it is expected to reduce the restrictions on the working environment, so that the water pump can work normally in places that cannot be covered by conventional circuits

Leo, which has new products every year, will appear this year with intelligent water pumps. Wang Yin told that the "cloud Canton Fair" is an innovative model and an attempt at online distribution, which is likely to become normalized in the future

"most of the company's orders are exported overseas, and through years of efforts, it has achieved branding results. With the promotion of economic digitalization, expanding online brand influence has become a new direction. We hope to lay a foundation for expanding online brand influence through this' cloud Canton Fair '." Wang Yin said

for most enterprises, in addition to playing the role of online "training", the Canton Fair is also one of the important channels to explore new markets

China Hangzhou, which accounts for about 80% of the total domestic sales, hopes to expand export sales channels through this Canton Fair. "At present, the domestic sales channel has stabilized. We hope to expand the sales market and bring high-quality water pump products to other countries while giving consideration to domestic sales." Lu Lulu said

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