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PPG, a famous coating brand, partnered with Carlyle fluid to jointly create a new pattern of coating innovation

PPG, a famous coating brand, partnered with Carlyle fluid to jointly create a new pattern of coating innovation

January 18, 2019

December 13, 2018, PPG industrial coatings and Carlisle fluid technologies (hereinafter referred to as "Carlisle fluid") successfully held the "coating Innovation Festival" in Shanghai. Founded in 1883, PPG industries, headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, produces and operates coatings, optical products and special chemicals, taking a leading position in the global industry. Carlyle fluid is one of the global leaders in the design and manufacturing of coating equipment before selecting fixtures. Its members include DeVilbiss, Ransburg MS, BGK and Binks, and is committed to providing innovative coating products and application systems for the automotive manufacturing industry and general industry

on the day of the event, in the 2000 square meter Functional Laboratory of Carlyle fluid's headquarters in Shanghai, China, the coating application exhibition, which represents the top level of domestic coating to a certain extent, made a wonderful appearance: Carlyle powder spray room - high powder coating on special-shaped metal parts; Automobile spray room - Water-based single component spraying with an external powered rotating cup of Lanc; General industrial spray room - aqueous two-component spray metal pipe. The perfect coating effect cannot be achieved without good coating products, and also good coating equipment. During this period, Mr. Wu Xiaodong, general manager of PPG Greater China industrial coatings, and Mr. James Stephenson, vice president of Carlyle fluids' global business, took the time to accept the interview of this magazine. As the two sides said, "this cooperation is not only intended to provide customers with more complete coating solutions, but also a new attempt to learn from each other and jointly promote the continuous innovation of Chinese coatings and coatings."

Mr. James Stephenson, vice president of global business of Carlyle fluids (left)

and Mr. Wu Xiaodong, general manager of PPG Greater China Industrial Coatings (right)

■ "the powerful combination of" matching "has achieved more than just you and me

why should we cooperate to organize the" coating Innovation Festival "? What is the significance and value for both parties? This is our question. However, in the view of Mr. Wu Xiaodong and Mr. James Stephenson, everything seems to be taken for granted. Why not cooperate

Mr. Wu Xiaodong said with a smile, "In Chinese, we call it a perfect match. PPG and Carlyle fluid play the role of industry leaders in their respective fields. Together, we can do many things. PPG's services touch the broadest industrial fields, with a large cross cutting customer group and top-notch technology in the industry. Carlyle's technology and ability in the design and manufacturing of coating equipment are also top-notch in the industry. Joining hands with Carlyle is not only for It not only brings better solutions to customers, but also aims to constantly promote the progress and development of coatings and coatings, which is also a society in which polyvinyl alcohol is an organic compound that industry participants should bear. "

for Carlyle, coating equipment manufacturers work together with coating manufacturers, The most direct significance is "Cooperating with industry leaders like PPG can help accelerate the innovation speed of Carlyle. We are solving very specific problems, and the direction of our efforts is very clear. Product design is also based on the real needs of customers. The cooperation between the two sides, whether in formula design or resin system, can give PPG more choices, and help accelerate the optimization and upgrading of coating technology. Our rich experience and The method can also provide more assistance for PPG technology research and development. Whether in the field of industrial paint or the automotive paint market, we have very professional and senior technical engineers all over the world. Carlyle's technical research and development never ends at the present, but always looks to the future. "

as it said, why not cooperate? In short, this is the interaction and collision of vision, experience and knowledge between the two industry leaders in the two fields. The combination of coating production enterprises and coating enterprises actually links the strong coordination of the two important links of the industrial chain, and promotes not only the continuous innovation of coating technology, but also the major reform of coating capacity

■ it belongs to coating manufacturers and coating equipment manufacturers. With the continuous emergence of new raw materials, new singers and new products, the era

industrial coating is the core business of PPG and one of the most important development fields of Carlyle. The Chinese market is an important strategic place for International PPG and the global layout of international Carlyle. Under strict environmental protection policies, both sides see more opportunities. "We see that too many industrial applications have begun to choose new environmental protection technologies. For example, in the field of consumer electronics, water-based technology is very popular. This is because many OEM manufacturers are following the general trend of environmental protection and vigorously promoting the application of water-based technology in this field. For example, in the heavy machinery industry, they prefer high solid separation technology, while trucks, cranes and other transportation fields pay more attention to powder technology. I What we can do is to ensure that all preparations are ready to help them cope with industry changes and make a smooth transition from solvent based to various environmental protection technologies. Obviously, there is too much work to do behind the diversified needs. " Mr. Wu Xiaodong also pointed out that customers face different situations and requirements, and what PPG needs to do is to give practical formulas and solutions in a timely manner. In addition, the new requirements of some emerging industries for coatings, and the development of functional coatings such as anti fingerprint and stain resistance, are both challenges and opportunities for PPG

Mr. James Stephenson pointed out that China's industrial coating market continued to grow in 2018. In addition to traditional application fields, some emerging technologies (including water-based, high solid content, etc.) and end markets (such as electric vehicles) also developed rapidly. Driven by environmental regulations and cost pressures, manufacturers have been looking for new coating solutions and constantly strengthening automated production capacity in order to reduce pollution and improve quality, which means that they will be more open to innovation in both materials and equipment

under the general trend of urbanization, sharing economy and circular sustainable development, opportunities are actually everywhere. Paint manufacturing enterprises have great prospects. Paint manufacturers represented by PPG are also constantly seeking breakthroughs and innovations, looking for new characteristic products and enhancing differentiated competitiveness. At the same time, for coating equipment manufacturers, the development of new technology requires new materials and new processes. The materials and coating equipment required by those complex and fine processes (such as tire coating and battery coating) must also be more advanced. However, the design method of the coating equipment determines whether the customer/coating company can use the equipment, and the product design of the paint/coating company also relies on the available equipment. Whether it is the transformation and upgrading of solvent based technology to environmental protection, or the innovation of functional coatings, novel surface effects (such as metal effects) or other new substrate surface treatment processes, good coatings cannot be separated from good coating equipment

"Imagine that large buildings are painted by UAVs, and there is no need to build scaffolds or dismantle windmills for maintenance. There are manufacturing materials, but painting equipment still needs to be continuously developed. Rapid prototyping technology represented by foam and polyurethane also has great prospects in the field of coating, but it is limited by painting equipment. Carlyle has some projects involved in corresponding fields, and hopes to bring some new options to the market in the near future Choose. "

■ "environmental protection technology is hot at present, but technological innovation will never stop"

desolvation in the coating industry makes environmental protection coating technology represented by water-based, powder, UV, high solid grade shine. What is their future? Mr. Wu Xiaodong believes that each environmental protection technology has its own advantages in different applications, but also has its own shortcomings. Therefore, the optimization, upgrading and innovation of technology will never stop

at present, the development of green environmental protection technology is the mainstream of the industry, but Mr. James Stephenson bluntly said that without policy driven, people would have preferred solvent based coatings, because it has good performance, good durability, low cost and longer construction window. Taking water-based technology as an example, water-based materials need to use a large oven and high energy consumption to remove moisture before thermal curing. This means higher cost pressure for customers, low product durability and narrow construction window. In order to make water-based coatings have comparable or even better performance than solvent based products, the industry is still developing resin products for water-based coating systems. The problem is that the application period (the usable time after mixing) is too short. However, the two-component mixing and hybrid system solves this problem, and the mixing effect is better when dispersed, which makes the mixing construction directly in the spray gun a reality. In order to achieve a better surface treatment effect, Carlyle is also continuously increasing its investment in this field. Powder and UV technology are also important areas of Kalai's future research and development. Kale's goal is not only to make the new technology feasible, but also to make the application more efficient. UV technology has the advantages of smaller equipment space, lower energy consumption, and stronger product quality and sustainability. Kale's robot, spray gun, infrared curing lamp/oven and other devices are the only way to revitalize the instrument industry, making the coating of some complex plastic parts possible

■ "the times are full of opportunities, and we are more capable of grasping them"

with the sustainable development and growth of PPG and Carlyle in the world, how to balance innovation and supply, quality and cost become the key. The cooperation between PPG and Carlyle is by no means accidental. There are too many things in common, and they really need each other. The significance of the Chinese market to PPG and Carlyle has long been needless to say. Continuous investment and more attention are not only based on the unlimited confidence of both sides in the Chinese market, but also on the confidence of seizing the opportunity to "expand the territory" under the wind and opportunities. Indeed, whether we focus on the present or invest in the future, for both sides, the road to tomorrow will occasionally have thorns, but it will be paved with fragrant grass

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