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But there is always a lack of stable supply of special materials for diaphragm in China. The well-known herbal tea brand JDB selects PPG innovel bisphenol A-free packaging coating

the well-known Chinese herbal tea brand JDB selects PPG innovel bisphenol A-free packaging thermostatic chamber coating

July 20, 2020

PPG coating products that meet the standards of food contact materials help JDB herbal tea expand the international market

PPG announced, China herbal tea brand JDB group selects PPG innovative ® Bisphenol A-free coating is used in the production of jiaduobao herbal tea packaging cans

ppg, JDB and JDB's beverage can manufacturers have worked closely together to select and test coating solutions that meet the requirements of relevant regulations and standards for food contact packaging materials at home and abroad, creating convenient conditions for Canada to closely connect the manufacturer supplier consumer industrial chains together and expand the international market. The rigorous scientific evaluation and testing conducted by the National Key Laboratory for food contact materials testing (Changzhou) confirmed that PPG innovel internal spray coating and easy to open cover coating all meet the requirements of China, the European Union and Japan. Generally, the speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed, as well as the requirements of the regulations on food contact materials in the United States

"integrity and innovation are the development philosophy that JDB has always adhered to." Mr. pangzhenguo, general manager of quality management department of JDB, said: "we use PPG bisphenol A-free coating to upgrade the application of beverage packaging. This cooperation is an important measure for JDB to seize the high ground of international standards and provide better services for consumers at home and abroad."

in addition to the absence of bisphenol A, PPG innovative internal spray coating and easy opening cover coating solutions have the effect of maintaining the original flavor, can provide efficient sterilization resistance and excellent flexibility, and also open a good application prospect for aluminum beverage cans. These two kinds of coating solutions are applicable to a variety of packaging specifications of beverages and can be efficiently produced on the production lines of different beverage can manufacturers

"bisphenol A-free coating has been widely used in Europe and the Americas. The performance of PPG bisphenol A-free coating fully meets the stringent regulatory requirements in these regions." Mr. Jens brackebusch, general manager of PPG Asia Pacific, said, "JDB group is the pioneer in the application of bisphenol A-free paint in China. PPG has been actively providing full support to JDB to ensure that JDB successfully completes the upgraded application of this paint on herbal tea packaging cans."

jiaduobao herbal tea is one of China's "national treasures", and its herbal tea secret recipe has been included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. As early as 2003, PPG provided JDB group with diversified metal packaging coating solutions. In addition, JDB has also successfully created a variety of new categories of herbal tea

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