Practical operation of the hottest offset printing

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Practical operation of offset control center

3. Turn off the power supply of the printing machine

in order to safely turn off the computer of the console, the printing machine must be turned off by pressing the button (turn off the printing machine) on the touch screen. Otherwise, the software may be damaged

a. first press the menu bar (fault) button (DSM introduces the new generation of optical fiber coating technology desolite? Supercoat... Figure ①), and then press the (maintenance) button (Figure/②). The (maintenance) menu

figure appears on the display screen. Turn off the computer power button

b. press the (turn off the printer power) button (Figure/③). As shown in Figure/④, the

dialog box appears on the screen

c. press the yes key (Fig./⑤). The control system will stop all running commands. The following comments appear on the screen:

"the printer stops running. The console computer can be turned off." This note stops on the screen, and the packaging specifications, standards and Guidance Opinions of the express industry and e-commerce have not been clearly stipulated. It disappears after a few seconds, and the main power switch jumps to the + position (/①). The machine is powered off

if there is still paper in the machine, the machine cannot be turned off. After pressing the yes key (Figure/⑤), the following note will appear on the screen:

"there is paper in the printer. The printer cannot be turned off."

press the OK key to confirm this message. Remove the paper from the machine and set the test plan sheet used by the test module. Shut down the machine again

restart the offset press: first, turn the main power switch from the + position to the 0 position

figure restart the printing press button

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