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The practical and beautiful design of the tea bag

the tea bag has become more and more familiar to everyone. It is easy to brew, easy to carry, and the tea residue is not exposed. However, when using Jinan Shijin electronic universal material testing machine, the tea bags commonly used in the market may have rust, corrosion and other phenomena, such as the tea is prone to moisture, the tea bag hanging wire is easy to fall off and so on. These troubles can be easily solved now

in line with the concept of practicality and beauty, a new type of tea bag has appeared. Its packaging process includes mechanization and manual sealing, and the packaged tea is complete and dry. In addition, one end of the tea bag hanging wire is directly sealed into the tea bag, and the other end is tied to the tea card. In particular, each packet of tea also comes with a bag of Maifan stone for regulating and improving water quality. Its modeling is artistic. It adopts profiling cutting to make the shape of each package of tea into a teapot shape, making tea drinkers feel good in color, flavor and taste

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