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The practical application of large format printing processing technology in the development

the emergence of large format printing processing technology has indeed provided a new bright spot for the entire printing industry. As users of large format printing technology, we will talk about the application of large format printing processing technology in practice in combination with the actual situation of Tiger color printing

first of all, we will briefly introduce the background and current situation of Tiger color printing. According to the current business background of Tiger color, our products mainly include the printing of cigarette packs and color boxes and their subsequent processing; As customers have certain requirements for the format and effect of printing, Tiger color takes UV printing as the main printing method, and the printing equipment is mainly Roland equipment, including a Roland 900. The prepress equipment is mainly CTP, including Cleo Quansheng VLF CTP system

we want to talk about the application of large format printing processing technology in practice from the following aspects:

first, equipment matching

when talking about large format printing, we unconsciously think of large format printing equipment, and when we talk about large format printing, our eyes will also focus on the large format printing machine first. When we look around, the relevant supporting equipment for large format printing will also enter our vision. Wide width equipment should be involved in all links of prepress, printing, bronzing, die cutting and packaging. On the premise of combining the needs of customers, how to choose equipment according to the existing market conditions and the situation of their own enterprises is the first pass for printing enterprises to move forward with large-scale printing

from the perspective of the connection between prepress and printing, Tiger color immediately faced a problem after the introduction of Roland 900: how to improve production efficiency on the premise of ensuring the quality of printing plates? How to choose the matching prepress equipment

as the first stop of the whole printing process, equipment matching in prepress is very important. On the one hand, the large size of the printing plate puts forward higher requirements for the stability of the traditional film printing light source. The stability and uniformity of the illumination of the printing point light source directly affect the edge effect of large format printing

on the other hand, the revision (spelling and printing) cycle caused by minor errors in documents will directly affect the productivity efficiency of large format printing equipment and the utilization rate of the machine

combined with the enterprise's own operating conditions and the comprehensive benefits of the equipment, Tiger color printing chose Cleo Quansheng VLF CTP system, so as to well match the prepress and printing links. Many factors should be considered in the matching of large format printing equipment and prepress equipment. The first consideration is the format of prepress equipment, the second is speed, and the combination of cost and efficiency should also be considered. Relatively speaking, it is a trend and an inevitable consideration to choose large format printing equipment and equip prepress equipment with corresponding format at the same time; If enterprises consider large format prepress equipment, then the matching between the capacity of large format prepress equipment and that of large format printing equipment also has to be considered. Compared with CTP and CTCP, the speed of printing plates produced under the condition of capacity saturation will directly restrict the maximum utilization of large format printing equipment; On the last hand, it is also the relative concern of enterprises - cost, which should be predicted and analyzed by financial means, so as to measure the input and output of equipment

II. Practical operation

the automatic control function of large format printing equipment is constantly improved and strengthened. From a certain point of view, many automatic control functions of large format printing equipment do provide a convenient platform to improve production efficiency, but large format printing also puts forward higher requirements for our printing quality

the same problem is before us: how to ensure the stable quality of printing products

for the same customer and the same product, the requirements for product quality control points are different by adopting different typography methods and selecting printing machines with different formats

first of all, with the increase of the format, the ink path and water path of the printer also become wider, which puts forward higher requirements for the actual operator of the machine

secondly, with the increase of format, the quality control points of single print also increase. When Eastman recommends Vectran with the same machine speed, the quality inspection requirements per unit time are increased in disguised form. How to effectively improve the quality of printing products when the level of existing machine personnel remains unchanged? Enterprises can start from the following two aspects: first, the quality department should appropriately improve the frequency of manufacturing inspection; Second, adjust the personnel allocation to increase the real-time inspection time of machine self inspection personnel; Third, through the selection of offset printing on-line detection equipment, which is just starting in China, we can find and solve the problems in manufacturing in time. There is a saying in quality management: quality is made, not checked out. Among the above three methods, the third one has the largest investment, but it also has the most obvious effect on quality improvement. Relatively speaking, the first two methods may be more practical for most enterprises

III. comprehensive efficiency

1. Large format printing should be combined with the characteristics of its own business

large format printing based on color boxes should be combined with the market. With the expansion of the appearance structure and volume of different products, the application prospect of wide format printing is becoming clearer, but with the continuous increase of personalized product types and the innovation of products, the number of color box packaging will also be affected. Although the efficiency of large format printing is high, if the number of orders is low, the starting quantity of a single print is not large, large format will mean that the minimum starting quantity will also increase. Therefore, we often improve the efficiency through large format printing, but because we can't reach the minimum starting quantity, we increase the loss rate, which is not necessarily economical in cost and not necessarily advantageous in price

combined with its own characteristics, the wide printing has also received good results in some types of cigarette bag products. With the continuous promotion of large format printing in the application of color box printing, paperboard is also more and more widely used. Wide width printing can improve the output efficiency as much as possible under the condition of increasing the number of pieces of single sheet paper. However, in the whole process of actual operation, due to the limitation of the size of post process equipment, different products should be fully considered when choosing printing machines. We should choose products with relatively simple post press processing procedures as far as possible, because the more post processes, the greater the probability of problems. Affected by the format, material properties, and positioning, if there is a bottleneck, 2 When error process occurs in intelligent control system, the advantage of wide width printing will not be reflected and will inevitably affect the overall efficiency. Therefore, large format printing should be closely combined with its own business characteristics

2. Large format printing needs to reposition raw material suppliers

compared with small format printing, large format printing is more difficult to control the edge effect caused by the expansion and contraction of ink absorbed by the paper. This largely depends on the characteristics of the paper. According to the experiment, the larger the size of the paper, the longer the humidity adjustment time will be, and the more obvious the change of surface effect caused by the change of temperature and humidity under the same conditions. The difficulty of controlling the use of it is equivalent to 10 pairs of jeans will be correspondingly increased. For paper, the suitable range of sizing degree, water content, stiffness, folding resistance, etc. can be determined through on-line experiments. For the raw material market, the performance of different brands of the same type of paper is not exactly the same. Therefore, when choosing raw material suppliers, we should fully understand the relevant parameters of each other's products, so as to choose raw materials suitable for our own technical requirements

for sheet fed large format printing, the inventory of the same raw materials or plates is higher for large format printing than for small format printing. For example, in terms of plate materials, the cost of large-scale printing plates with the same amount of inventory is certainly higher than that of medium-sized printing plates; In terms of paper, it is mainly reflected in the increase in the maintenance cost of the warehouse. For example, large format paper takes up a large space, and it is relatively difficult to carry. The requirements for temperature and humidity are relatively high. How to reduce inventory and accelerate capital flow are the same issues we need to consider

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